hustle and bustle

Hustle and Bustle of a Momtraneur’s Life

Hiiiii!!!! I’m back!!!! How’s the holiday season going for you so far?

Back in September, when I said my calendar was fully booked, I didn’t realize that that was nothing compared to what was ahead of me the following months — October, November, December. I know I’ve always been the busy kind of gal ever since I can remember (I’ve been a busy bee since my grade school years, lol!) but really, the past few months until today (and I predict including the coming days ahead until April at least!), have been nothing but a blur… I’ve been ultra, mega, super, duper booked with activities, business stuff, family hooplas, usual work, and other extra-curricular activities that a week would pass me by and I don’t even feel like it’s been a week! One week is like one long day for me! And there are times when all I wanted was sleep because honestly, I don’t know anymore how I’m still alive with so much lack of sleep in my system. I feel like one day, I’ll just drop dead from all this overfatigue!

About blogging, I don’t have a problem with what to blog about. On the contrary, I am paralyzed by the fact that I have a ton of things to share with you guys, but I just don’t know where to start or when to start! Should I finish my work first? But by the time I’m done with work, my energy is mostly depleted and all I want is rest! Should I blog now or later or when everyone’s asleep? But if I do that, I will not have enough energy for all the heavy work I need to do for the day. Should I start with my most exciting experience last September? Should I share first what’s been going on with me this Christmas time? Or maybe I’ll share first Tuz’s back-to-back-to-back 4th birthday celebrations? Aaarrrrghhh.. it really is hard when you’re an OC person like me. I need to list everything down and blog about them according to my own personal ranking, or numbered list, lol!

Also, I really need to start saying NO to things! I can’t keep accepting clients and doing activities that will endanger my health. But then again, I consider everything that comes to me and my family a blessing so it’s really hard. Double arrrrgggghhh!!!

Anyway, I’m just venting out. Tomorrow, I shall start blogging again…

Til then…


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