New Year's eve

My Little New Year’s Eve Diary

When I think about what 2020 has been for us, I have nothing but prayer of thanks. 

Though this pandemic did affect some aspects of our business, we were able to pivot, adjust, and not only survive but thrive. Truth is, in the 3 years that we’ve lived in Cagayan de Oro, 2020 has been our most successful year. And for that, THANK YOU, GOD! 

A huge part is because living and working from home is not new to us. We’ve always been the introverted type and my work has always been online, so it didn’t really change our routine much. And because most of the world turned online, business has never been better.  It also helped that we got out of our tiny pad. Since travel was restricted, our original plan of living somewhere half the time and living in the tiny pad the other half of the time was no longer possible. I needed space to breathe and just be and I’m so happy we got to experience living in a cozy house here in Cagayan de Oro City. Before the year approached its end, we even got to host online and overnight parties

But don’t get me wrong… There were dark days, yes. Days when I felt like the world was going to end as if we’re entering the era of zombie apocalypse…

  • funds were dwindling
  • no income was coming in
  • someone close to us got Covid 
  • Mahal became a Covid close contact (this was the worst feeling in the world! I got panic attacks when we found out!) and those days Tuz and I couldn’t go near him because he was quarantining was so painful to my heart! 

… but we were able to surpass all that. What you focus on gets magnified is what we’ve learned all these years of studying self-help and success books from history’s greatest men (Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Tony Robbins to name a few). And so on those days, weeks, months that we’ve focused only on the blessings no matter how big or small, more good things came our way and the not-so-good things soon vanished. For one, we are all healthy and strong and Covid-free (I pray it remains that way).

Thank you, 2020, for all the blessings and the lessons learned. We trust God that 2021 will be even better, not just for us, but for all of humanity. 

Have a happy and prosperous new year, everybody! 


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