Unexpected Christmas Wishes Coming True

It’s true what they say… when you least expect it, that’s when the magic happens. For the most part of the year, and the last 3 years before that, I thought we will have the same Christmas as before — we used to live in a tiny pad, so decorating our home for Christmas was not an option then. Instead, we’d go to a hotel resort here in Cagayan de Oro City and spend an overnight stay for both Christmas and New Year. Although on our first Christmas here in 2017, we celebrated it at our farm with our people. I’ve still yet to blog and vlog about those amazing hotel resort stays we did but I really plan to (next year, hopefully, as throwback features). Oh wait, I did blog about our Seda Centrio New Year Stay.  

Well, this year, (in a way, thanks to this pandemic — we got to transfer to a cozy house — looking at the silver lining here), my long overdue wish of spending Christmas in a beautiful, cozy home I personally decorated, hosting a party if possible, and just chilling and pigging out over a simple Noche Buena feast in our pajamas — finally came true!!! I’m so happy, I really can’t stop expressing it! I’ve been saying it on my social media posts and even offline to Mahal. I’m just really so happy. Hallelujah! 

Christmas usually gives me the blues (which happened after Halloween… around last week of November), but thank God and thanks to my cheerful babies I got over that and everything was smooth-saling since then.

casual fashion

After that, blessing after blessing poured in no matter how big or small and I’m just continuously grateful. These blessings were:

1. The Christmas promos I ran for the 3 training programs I marketed under Training Workshops CDO were successful! They were:

1) Tuscany Highlands Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Online Training Program

Tuscany Highlands Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Online Training Program

2) Tuscany + Kael Mushrooms Oyster Mushroom Processing Online Training Program

3) Excel [Dashboard] Online Workshop with Coach Roxie

2. We’re Oslob-bound early next year!

We’ve finalized our plans of relocating our businesses and residence to Cebu for good. We already took care of some of the travel requirements like getting our Xrays and barangay certificates. The rest, we’ll accomplish this coming week before government offices go on a holiday break for New Year’s.

We decided to do this so we can personally manage our Mushroom Farm there (the one we had built last January with Mahal’s older brother), build a flower farm with his older brother, try building a vineyard as well, and Mahal can personally manage their resort once again (Oslob New Village). I’m already thinking of re-opening our hands-on training program for oyster mushroom cultivation there but this time, we’ll have it packaged together with Oslob tours and whale shark watching. So excited! We’re all praying for the pandemic to end soon so that traveling can be as it was before.  Plus, we’re also going to set up a new business there (a physical shop with an online counterpart) for something I love – travel, fashion, photography. Watch out for that! I can’t wait! But before all that, I am so excited about redecorating a hotel room unit for us. It’s like being back to tiny pad living, but this time, in a resort setting with a whole bunch of hotel staff at our disposal. Plus, the beach and tourist spots are just nearby. I CAN’T WAAAIIIIITTTTT!!!!

3. We have a real live Santa Claus for a friend!

When this pandemic happened, we partnered with a fellow mushroom grower, Sir Ben. Ever since Day 1, he has been nothing but kind and generous to us! He would always give us harvest from his fruit trees and vegetables and little trinkets from his house. The most amazing gift of all was when he asked if I could help him sell his car which I did with gusto! He’s leaving for Manila and New Zealand early next year as well and he wanted his car sold ASAP! I didn’t think of earning from it but as it naturally happened, things just quickly fell into place, his car was immediately sold and we earned a hefty commission. Suffice it to say that it was the biggest sign from the universe to pursue our Oslob transfer because now we have more than enough funds to cover all our fares (including our car’s cargo fare), and the trucks and container vans we’ll be renting for all our stuff to get transported from Cagayan de Oro to Cebu port to Oslob. These alone would cost us an estimated amount of P45K that will burn a hole in our pockets but now, that’s all taken care of. We even have some money to spare to celebrate Christmas the way we did! Thank you, Santa Ben!

4. I got to spend time with my friends…

I got to spend time with my best friend, Mer, and I was able to share with her those things we never got the time to share with each other before because of our busy work schedules. We laughed, we cried, she told me enlightening pieces of advice which I so appreciated especially as her words came at a time that I needed to hear them the most. We shopped (bought 4 pairs of CLN shoes!), we exchanged gifts, we pigged out, we bonded as best friends should. 

Christmas Shopping

5. I got to do some zumba dancing lessons!

Days leading to Dec. 23, Mer and I did a few zumba sessions online to practice the dance we were supposed to present on our Christmas Eve Zoom Party. I appreciated so much sweating it out especially with her teaching me the moves because she is really such a talented and awesome dancer! Tuz and Heaven got to dance too! Here’s a snippet I recorded from my computer:

6. Christmas Zoom Party with friends pushed thru!

Christmas is the busiest season of the year so I never really expected my bestest and oldest friends to find the time to spend with me but they did!!! They took the time out of their uber busy schedules to come to my little zoom party! I love you, girls! And I miss you!!! Thank you!!! We’ll talk again soon! Merriest Christmas to us all! 

zoom party

7. I was scanned by a theta healer and I was so glad to hear what she said…

Speaking of my oldest and bestest friends, one of them (Jayme) did a (Theta?) reading on me (and I did a Tarot card reading on them too). We haven’t talked for ages but it’s always like yesterday with her (as well as with my other best friends). Suffice it to say that she doesn’t know any of the personal issues I’ve been dealing with on my own lately. But she saw what was in my heart and in my mind and through her powers, the “Creator” / God told her to tell me that everything is okay, that there is nothing to fear or worry about… that I am where I should be and that my “Divine Timing Partner (Mahal) got my back. The assurances, confirmatory words, and affirmations she told me really lifted me up as if this heavy dark cloud has been lifted off my shoulders. Maybe one of these days I will blog about these issues because I know for a fact that so many other people are in the same boat as I am but I am not yet ready to open that part of myself… yet. One of these days… maybe. Here’s a snippet of that theta reading she did for me:

8. We had an impromptu get-together with HS batchmates.

Aside from the zoom party with my friends, we also had an impromptu get-together at home right after my zoom party. My best friend Mer, and my goddaughter, Heaven, were already spending overnight with us so whether we’ll push thru or not with the zoom party, I know we’d still have some fun. Then the zoom party did happen and then right before it ended, old friends from HS started arriving, I was so happy! One of them was Pepot, one of the guys I personally messaged ages ago (circa 2012) the first time I was traveling to Oslob to ask about Mahal since I didn’t know Mahal then and I just wanted to make sure that the guy who invited me to their resort in Oslob is not a serial killer (lol!) Of course, Pepot vouched for Mahal’s kindness and the rest, as they say, is history. Then Mequesa and Trixie came over too. They’re my HS batchmates. Super unexpected! We ate, drank, laughed, told each other our life stories! So amazing!!!! I’m just so grateful! I should have taken better photos coz this is a once in a lifetime moment. But I’ll forever remember this, promise! No more epidural lapses. Hahaha! Merry Christmas!!!  

Christmas party

9. I bought myself a new Tarot card deck and it’s amazing!!!

After Halloween, I ordered a new tarot card deck from Shopee. I left my old one back in Manila and I terribly miss doing tarot card readings. I use it for guidance and channeling energies and they’re really very helpful. It all boils down to belief and yes, I believe in the messages the cards tell me. So I did one reading for each one of my friends during our Christmas Eve party. That was the first time I used the new deck since I bought it and it just amazed me how each card that came up was the exact answer to their question! I was having goosebumps all over! I mean there I was thinking that I’ve already probably become rusty at these readings but OMG the cards were so spot on! That made me so happy! Thank you, spirit guides! 

10. I bought myself an affordable but so effective treadmill!

Mahal is always on the go either biking with his friends or asking me and Tuz to go walking, running, jogging, or hiking with him. But because my body clock is irregular (same as Tuz’s), there are days or weeks that I just can’t join him. So to solve my problem of sedentary living, I got this treadmill for only P3700 from Shopee. It works! Only a minute on this thing and I’m already catching my breath! Nice!

11. Mahal went on a shopping spree!

Mahal also got to do lots of shopping for himself! I’m so happy for him! He rarely does this as he is a very frugal person. But most of his clothes and the 9 pairs of shoes he owns are already torn and/or not in good condition anymore so he really deserves to shop for new clothes and shoes. And I’m glad he did!  

12. The advance Christmas Eve party feast lasted until way after Christmas!

Then come December 23, I ordered lots of food for us! We spent P5K on food alone. Long story short, it was because of some unmet expectations on my first food order, and when my expectations are not met, I get totally frustrated and I’d go on some sort of therapy. In this instance, I went on food shopping thereapy and I ended up ordering more. So pig out we did! Lol! It was a blessing in disguise though because that much food brought in HS friends I never thought I’d see again. So, I’m very thankful. 

Aside from the dishes on this table, there are 3 tubs of mango float and a tub of ice cream in the freezer, 2 platters of chocolates and junkfood in the kitchen, a kilo of uncooked shrimps in the fridge we never got to cook anymore, and a bag of barbecue we haven’t opened yet at the time this picture was taken. Food trip it was indeed! Thank you, God!

13. I got to celebrate Christmas the way I wanted to celebrate it ever since we moved here in 2017!

I had the best Christmas ever! I sound like Tuz, lol! But truly, I am just at my happiest state and I feel like this is indeed the best Christmas I’ve ever had! I worked so hard at protecting my happiness, my ball of energy, and I’m super glad I am where I am now emotionally.

First of all, I got to decorate the house the way I wanted it to look like. It was a work in progress almost the whole month of December. Though there was a big package of Christmas decors I ordered from Shopee that failed to ship, I made the most of the ones that did arrive. See photos from my FB posts below:

Christmas home decors
Christmas home decors
Christmas home decors
Christmas home decors
Christmas home decors
Christmas home decors

We also got to wear our Christmas attires and costumes! Sooo happy! Before our Christmas party, Mer and I wanted to wear green so we did!

videoke singing

We partied first by ourselves over good food, singing and dancing!

Christmas party

For the Christmas costumes, it was a first in our 7 Christmases together!

Mrs Santa
Christmas costume

14. I got a surprise Christmas gift from Mahal! The first ever!

Casio watch

This is the very first time in our 7 Christmases together that Mahal gave me a physical surprise Christmas gift!🎁 He has already given me sooo much — his life, time, money, heart, body, & soul so this one is a super bonus na talaga! 7th Christmas is a charm! Charot! 😍 And because I never expected it, it made it so much more special. It’s kinda funny and amazing too coz a few days ago, I also ordered 2 watches for us online. (Parang yung separate but same pizza order lang namin the other night!) But they just haven’t arrived yet! LOL! 😅 As what Jayme and Mer said, mahal and I are Divine Timing Partners / Twin Soulmates. We may not be married on this earthly plane, but we already are on a higher and deeper level… the soul level. Ayeeee! Char! 😘☺️ Anyway, thank you Mahal ko. I never had a silver watch before so this will be perfect for my collection. ❤❤❤☺️☺️☺️

15. We played Santa for Tuz.

And of course, as Christmas approached, Mahal and I were getting so excited for Tuz! He believes in Santa Claus and we told him that if he is a good boy, Santa will deliver his presents. It took a while for us to complete his presents. Good thing I had some free time and so shopping for these presents I did.

casual fashion
SM Uptown

And deliver Santa did! 10 toys in all (all for his homeschooling journey)! I am going to create a vlog for it right after I publish this blog post. It’s just so magical to see Christmas in a child’s eyes. I feel like I’m experiencing childhood again for the second time through our baby boy’s eyes, but this time, a better childhood full of love and happy memories. Isn’t that what every parent wishes for their children? We’re just glad we’re able to give him a magical Christmas to the best of our abilities and finances. Thank you, God! 

Christmas Family

My Takeaway

Just like this Christmas movie classic we watched on Christmas Day, It’s a Wonderful Life, it makes us realize that it only takes a change in perspective to see how wonderful lives we’re already living even in the midst of this pandemic. Always focus on the good things and things will fall into place eventually. I hope your Christmas was as magical for you too! Of course, in the midst of this all is Jesus’ birthday, the real reason behind this holiday season. Happy birthday, Jesus! And merriest Christmas to all!


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