Best Outdoor Activities in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of those cities I would love to visit someday. Based on what I hear and what I’ve researched, it is one of the most incredible cities you’ll ever find.  From the amazing mix of art and tech industries to the fantastic food and amazing people, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular cities on Earth.

Getting outside in the city is lots of fun too!  So if you’re also interested in going to Vancouver to experience its many adventures, read on to find out more. I’ve listed the top outdoor activities we can all do in Vancouver that make the city even more exciting.

Swimming in the Open Water

Vancouver is surrounded by open water that allows you to step out and swim, boat, or fish all you want.  Although it’s only warm enough to do so in the heat of summer, it’s a fantastic time for anyone who’s interested.  You can sight-see, meet seals and wildlife, and have a fantastic time without spending a dime.

Hiking Along the Mountain Line

The mountains that surround the other half of Vancouver make it a fantastic place to live as well!  If you love hiking and aren’t afraid of having fun, it’s a great idea to hike along the mountain line on the other side of the city.  Wear some good sneakers, take along some water and your phone, and you’ll get the best pictures of the city skyline while keeping active and enjoying the outdoors.

Enjoying the City Parks

Despite being so tightly packed that homes for sale in Vancouver are the most expensive in the world, it still has tons of green spaces where you can enjoy the most out of the area.  Fantastic views, beautiful nature, and peaceful quiet ensure you get the most out of these parks without having to worry about getting bored.  These are a great space to spend time with family and loved ones when you arrive.

Taking in the Art on the Streets

There’s a lot of art in Vancouver!  If you want to get in the most of it, consider taking in the art on the streets, in graffiti, pop-up artist shops, and other incredible features.  Although these are all free, you should also consider spending money on local artists so that they can continue to create art and be inventive.

Make a Drive to Whistler

When you’re in Vancouver, consider driving out to Whistler!  This skiing and snowboarding paradise ensures that you never get bored and get to enjoy as much time outside as possible.  Just an hour and a half outside of Vancouver, you can get the most entertainment possible; just make sure to dress warm!

In the summer, when the snow has melted away, this is a great place to hike, swim, bike, and have fun outdoors.  It’s an awesome area to visit year-round and should be a plan for anyone visiting Vancouver.

Vancouver is Paradise

Vancouver is an amazing city that anyone would be lucky to visit.  Get to know the hot tourist destinations, and consider spending more time outside rather than inside!  Not only are the views amazing, but you’ll feel exhilarated and get in the far more fresh air than you could in any other city.


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