How We Celebrated Valentine’s Day Throughout These Years

I was planning to have a repeat of how we celebrated Valentine’s Day last year because I really liked it so much. But because we are in Cebu City today (we’ve been here since Feb. 11 doing a different kind of shopping spree and running some important errands), and we won’t be traveling back home until probably evening of Valentine’s Day itself, I just thought of sharing with you here some of the things we did to celebrate the love occasion throughout these years. 

This post is actually a long dedication to my Mahal, who stuck with me throughout all these many years (we’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our best friendship this March and we are now on our 90th month of being together as life partners); who loved me and continue to love me through thick and thin; who, despite all my flaws and craziness, continue to show his patience, dedication, and commitment to me and our little family. I just want to declare to the whole world how much I appreciate everything he does for me and our son, and I thank God every day for him coming into my life…

Yes, we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs and bumpy roads (which couple doesn’t?) and I’m so proud to say that we’ve overcome all of them. We are in a great place right now and I pray we continue to be strong and full of love and respect for one other in the years to come.

I love you so, so much, Mahal ko! Cheers to us for these many wonderful memories we’ve created since day one. You are my person… to the moon, beyond, and back!  


Velntine’s 2015

This was our very first Valentine’s Day together as a couple…


Valentine’s 2016

We are first time parents here trying to juggle parenthood and traveling…


Valentine’s 2017

Being busy parents, it was a challenge to find time to celebrate but I’m glad we did!


Valentine’s 2018

This was Mahal’s gift to me! He treated us to several nights at Astoria in Palawan. ❤


Valentine’s 2019

This whole one week Iloilo trip was also Mahal’s gift to me that year! *melt*


Valentine’s 2020

This was a very busy time for Mahal and we thought we won’t get to celebrate anymore but he surprised me and we did!


Valentine’s 2021

This was our first pre-Valentine’s Day as new residents of Oslob. I’ve always wanted to organize an outdoor cinema picnic and I’m glad we did!
Valentine’s Day last year was spent at the beach! I super loved it!

That’s it so far!

For me, the whole of February is a month to celebrate love! It’s not only because it’s Valentine’s Day but it’s also my birthday month, teehee. (^_^) On the other hand, I’ve been feeling melancholic since the latter part of January up until recently (it started when I watched Don’t Look Up on Netflix one night, lol!) that I posted this on my Facebook profile:

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me.. I thought it was my period but it’s been 2 weeks and I can’t get out of this rut I’m feeling… It started when I watched Don’t Look Up around end of January… after that movie, I felt like the world will end really soon… like an asteroid is headed our way and will destroy us all… I’ve been feeling so tearful and melancholic and all my fave snacks and food are not helping… 🙁#2amRant

I’m glad I was able to shake off that rut I was in which is actually one of the reasons why we are doing a different kind of shopping spree here in Cebu City — to help me get back on my happy feet again. I’ve tried everything before this (eating my fave food, re-reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, having my nails done, meditating, etc.) but so far nothing worked. Last resort I’m taking is to “buy myself some happiness”. After all, I’ve worked so hard for the “play” money I’ve saved up and maybe, retail therapy is what I need. I have a couple of things on my list that I’ve been saving up for and I’m finally buying them! It seems to be working because here I am being able to post again which usually happens when I feel happy, thankful, and energetic enough. So I’m hoping to share more stuff about love, life and celebrations in the coming days. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can also read a previous blog post I wrote before where I shared various things you and your loved ones can do on Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single, partnered up, or with a baby; whether you’re looking for luxurious tips or ideas that are budget-friendly. You can check it out here: VALENTINE’S DAY TOP TIPS FOR THE LUXURIOUS, BUDGET-CONSCIOUS AND PARENTAL KIND

Have the Happiest Valentine’s Day ever!!!


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