Romantic Engagement and Fine-Dining By the Sea at Shangri-la Mactan

I’ve just been engaged! And it’s a different kind of engagement, way, way better that how I thought it would be… In case you’re interested to find out, you can check my 2 previous posts. This is about our unique engagement and this one’s about our bespoke engagement rings… 

For this blog post, I just want to make a special shoutout to Shangri-la Mactan for creating a one-of-a-kind engagement / romantic fine-dining experience for us. And in case you want a similar one, I’ll share with you the inclusions and how much a set-up like this can cost. Read on…

I just found out that this is the first time Shangri-la Mactan allowed this area in their resort to be used this way. Prior to our engagement, this particular space near the Ocean Wing Pool is just dark at night. It’s just one of those little huts scattered around Shangri-la Mactan. This one though is facing the ocean so they thought why not try to turn it into a romantic dining venue?

They really made a nice table setting under the hut overlooking the sea.   

In the past, romantic outdoor fine-dining is usually set up at the Buko Bar area. It looks like this below (Photos are from Ms. Beth, Food and Beverage Staff of Shangri-la Mactan):

It still looks quite nice, right? But I think, the final area where they set it up was a lot better! They really made it much more romantic and beautiful for us! And for that we’re eternally grateful!

On the above-pic, Mahal went down on his knees and proposed at dusk, my most favorite time of day!!! This made it much much more romantic!

Thank you, Shangri-la Mactan!!!

Special thanks to Ms. Beth of the F&B Department for taking care of everything for us.

And to Lemuel, our waiter that night, thank you too for being so accommodating and helpful! He and another staff, Ms. Joy, helped us carry our leftovers and the balloons to our bedroom.

A romantic fine-dining set up like this complete with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, lighting, rose petals, a bottle of wine and 4-course meal costs P15,000.

The balloons were outsourced from their supplier and cost P1800 + P150 delivery fee.

All of these are of course separate from the bill you need to pay for your room and other incidentals. If you’re a Shangri-la Golden Circle Member, you might be able to get more discounts.

I’ve prayed for an occasion like this for 20 years! It took a really loooong time! But God gave me my Mahal… and with Dada Hanz, now my fiancé (ayiiii kinikilig pa rin ako!!!), it was definitely worth the wait. ❤ ❤ ❤

This one’s for the books! Thank you, God! 

Cheers to more romantic occasions like this! ❤ ❤ ❤


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