Relax and De-Stress with Online Games at (and Decrease Your Chances of Dementia As well)

Work has been non-stop lately (Well, what’s new? Thank God for work!!!) that the only thing I can do to de-stress is play some online games! Remember before when I shared with you 3 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress During These Hard Times? One of those stress-relieving activities I do (and I sometimes do it with Tuz too) is playing online games.

I discovered another website that brings back so many childhood memories simply because it reminds me of my mom’s favorite game that I’ve seen her play a gazillion times while I was growing up — SOLITAIRE! 

The website is and the best thing about it is, it has a lot of other games you can choose from like other card games, mahjong, logic puzzles, word puzzles and more! But what really caught my eye and what I’ve been playing around the past couple of weeks during my break are these three games:



… simply because it reminds me of my mom… plus, it’s so addicting! 

I filmed myself playing it to show you… 

Tetra Blocks

It reminds me of my teenage years when I used to play Tetris at home. Even my mom couldn’t get enough of it!

Hidden Objects – The Palace Hotel

Right now, Tuz (my 6-year-old son) and I are addicted to it and frustrated as well! Hahaha! We can’t seem to get past this hotel level because we couldn’t find that one remaining hidden object! Arrrgh!!! It really is exciting! 

Anyway, I filmed how we played a while ago (it’s Sunday now so it’s family day, we had more time to play) and it was just both so exciting and frustrating! Lol! Oh ribbon, where art though???!!! Lol! 

Those are my favorites so far: Solitaire, Tetris, and Hidden Objects.  

Treasures of Atlantis

There are other games we both wanted to try. But I don’t know if it’s my slow internet connection or the site itself, but the game, Treasures of Atlantis” under Match 3 was so slow in loading at first. Until it finally loaded and boy oh boy it’s like Candy Crush with a seemingly adult musical background it’s so addicting! Now I remember why I quit Candy Crush before — it was taking up so much of my time! Lol! Luckily this time around, I am getting better at managing my hours online so I only do this during my self-imposed mini breaks at work. *mini pat on my back, hehehe. I played it again just now and it loaded fast! So I guess it was just my slow internet connection that first time around. 

Crossword Puzzle

I’ve tried doing the Daily Crossword puzzle but I guess my vocabulary is not that wide. They’re so difficult! 

I liked it at first because you can actually print these from your computer and every day they offer another new crossword. I can view today’s puzzle for example or use the calendar in the left menu to look at other recent or future puzzles. They allow players to go back or forward 6 months. But man oh man, I need a dictionary for these words! I am so challenged! Maybe when my work is not so left-brained, I can devote some time for this. Right now, I’d rather play Solitaire and Tetris coz they’re more right-brained, relaxing and fun for me. 

Anyway, if you’re into online games as a form of stress reliever for you (and your kid), you can try checking out I believe that as we grow older, we need to exercise our brain cells more and more. Research studies show that playing games (perhaps games like these) can reduce the risk of dementia and alzheimer’s later in life. I read that here and here.

You can do your own research as well. Hey, as long as it’s for our good health, why not, right? I’m all for it! 

So get those brain cells working by relaxing and having fun with these games. I wanna try one more game before I call it a day and pack up.

Til my next post!

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