How to be Unbreakable by Rob Dial and Dean Devries

OMG! I just finished the 1st of 2 live events of Rob Dial and Dean Devries. It’s about how to be UNBREAKABLE despite life’s uncertainties. They are teaching us, FOR FREE, how to be the person we want to be despite all the craziness we are all experiencing in the world today. It was so inspiring and uplifting!!! Thank you, guys!!!

Basically it’s about being a better version of you a year from now. They are teaching us concrete ways on how to go about it. I’m so excited to be Jen 2.0 or maybe 5.0? Lol! I’ve changed so much over the years I’ve lost count! It’s so motivating! Excited for the 2nd part tomorrow! In case you want to join, just head to and try to register if still possible. Join also the Facebook group:

Just a little background… Rob Dial is my go to podcaster every day when I do my workout and morning walk. The title of his podcast is The Mindset Mentor. You familiar with him? He’s on Spotify and Apple. He helped me a lot get to this level where I am now — more calm, more successful, more positive. And I just want to continue applying what I’ve been learning from him. He’s a great fan of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Gor Rich (a book I super love!), and I assume of Tony Robbins‘ teachings as well because many of his podcasts resonate with Tony Robbins’ teachings. 

One thing I want to share with you that Rob and Dean said is this: 

FEAR is really super simple. 

Fear is just the body and the mind trying to avoid a future pain. The only reason why we have fear is because we are envisioning the pain. We are thinking about what we don’t want and not what we want. 

As human beings, we are an infinite magical creator of our own world! We are creating the experience that we are choosing whether consciously or subconsciously. When  we are in the state of love, that’s where we become magical. Love is the energy of creation. All of creation is from love! When we are working from love, we are creating from a higher energy level. 

One last thing… I totally went crazy giddy in my seat when Rob Dial read my statement about my new identity. Towards the end of the live session, he asked us this question:


And he read mine which I posted in the comments section of the zoom meeting, and he lauded me for it! *Fangirl mode! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!*

My statement is this:

A successful, confident, knowledgeable, thriving, high-earning MOMTRANEUR – mother, traveler, entrepreneur. I am a great mom who homeschools, a great sexy, energetic, smart wife, a successful, registered, thriving business woman.

How I wish I got to video record that bit! Rob, if in case you get to chance upon this blog post, I hope you can send me a video copy of that bit! 😉


OMG! There’s a replay (limited time only) of the live webinar I attended last July 8 hosted by Rob Dial and Dean DeVries about HOW TO MAKE OUR VISION COME TRUE IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS. I was able to record that bit where Rob read my comment about what my identity is (MOMTRANEUR) and how I see myself going forward. It’s on time stamp 0:45… OMG!!! ❤#FanGirlMode

That’s it for now! This was just supposed to be a short FB post but it got a bit long so I’m posting it here on my blog. 

Good morning! 5+am now in the Philippines. 


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