Dumaguete Day Trip

Dumaguete Day Trip

Dumaguete is just a 25-minute boat ride from Liloan Port in Santander which is about 30 minutes away from Oslob by car. So it’s faster to get here than to go all the way to Cebu City (which is 3-4 hours away from Oslob depending on traffic) for a little errand run and shopping. I just want to share here what usually happens whenever we go to Dumaguete from Oslob for a little day trip. Here’s my vlog:

We had lunch at our old fave resto by the sea — Hayahay. So many happy memories here! Even before Mahal and I started living in Dumaguete way back 2015, we’ve already frequented this place because I really love their food! So it was such a treat to be back here after the pandemic. We’re all unvaxxed so it’s just recently when quarantines and health cards are no longer required that we were able to travel outside Cebu province. And of course, the first stop we made was Dumaguete. This all happened in Jan. 16, 2023 by the way. ^_^

After some shopping, we headed to Sans Rival not only to buy cakes and sansrival to bring home but to have snacks as well. It was also one of those food places we frequented when we lived here in Dumaguete City.

It’s really hard to diet with all these yummy food! We haven’t started our strict diet per se at that time. The no rice thing, we started that in Boracay the following month. But since this was last January and Mahal hadn’t celebrated his birthday yet, we were still a bit loose on our diet requirements. Lol!

The rest of our time before heading back to Oslob was just spent at Rizal Boulevard. This place is also very special for us. As best friends, we used to hang out here a lot just talking about our life, our problems, and what-nots. And even when we started living here with me all pregnant with Tuz, this was where we had usually spent our early mornings, late afternoons and early evenings just walking around and enjoying the view. It wasn’t yet as beautiful as this before. So we’re so happy to see a lot of improvements in the area now. We actually came back here after our long Visayas honeymoon trip but that’s for another blog post.

Til then!


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