Thoughts This Halloween

I’ve been a lot busier than usual with everything that I had to do (my VA / Virtual Assistant biz, baby stuff, house chores, errands, holiday activities, etc). Our baby Tuz is a lot more active (climbing everywhere he could climb), he easily gets bored now with his old toys (we may need to resell his jumperoo and walker which he only used quite a few times before) and he’s fussier than usual. He cries then laughs then cries again for no apparent reason. We’ve done everything we know until such time that he simply gets tired and takes a nap and then… FREEDOM — for a little while at least, hence this post, before our 11-month old baby wakes up again and our merry-go-round continues.

Despite being busy though, I think we’ve also been quite productive. My virtual assistant biz always comes first of course after everything family-related (thank God for time-freedom). Aside from that, some of our stocks in the Philippine Stocks Exchange have been earning quite well lately, thanks to Mahal who’s been studying the stock market since 2014 when we first signed up with COL Financial, our stock broker, and the the nickel mining in the country where we have shares in FNI that earned quite well the past week. Thank you, passive income! You can check Mahal’s blog The Pinoy Trader for his insights. Our passive investments in the garments biz of our neighbor and friend keeps earning every month as well and we have quite a few other business ventures we’re still studying and thinking of pursuing. Mahal and I are both cautious entrepreneurs and moderate risk takers so before we go into something, we’d like to be very sure about it first. Then there’s our soap and spa products that we are allotting extra time for so we can finally legitimize it before this year ends hopefully.

Anyway, I’m just babbling here, sharing my thoughts lately and what-not. Despite our limited resources and means compared to others we know who have really become successful and wealthy at such a young age, we still feel happy and blessed. Having each other and baby Tuz is our greatest accomplishment and wealth. Nothing can ever change that. In fact, if only you could hear my thoughts, almost every minute, I mutter “Thank you, God” in my head. This is also why I don’t get envious of other people’s accomplishments now. I feel happy for them instead, and hopeful at the same time that if they have been successful at something, then we could be too in God’s own time. The universe after all is full of abundance and there is always more than enough for everyone if we can only fine tune our energy waves to always focus on the positive things.

So thank you once again, God. Thank you for all the blessings!

In the meantime, Happy Halloween to those who are celebrating this holiday season like us! Halloween is my most favorite time of the year! So we’ve already started decorating… Whether I’m alone, with a few friends, with family or a ton of people, I really can’t help but celebrate Halloween! I’ve been doing it since time immemorial… It’s my most favorite holiday coz it’s just so festive, spooky, exciting and happy at the same time! It doesn’t have the sadness that Christmas sometimes brings to those who are having a “cold” Christmas plus it always makes me feel joyful and young. Happy Halloween!!! 👻👻👻 Halloween is my new Christmas!
Halloween lights

We’re trying out the dancing lights we bought yesterday. So mesmerizing! We can party every night! Hahaha!

Halloween activities

We’ve also readied our horror movie line-up and all sorts of readings  — tarot reading, tarot sutra reading, palm reading, casting of spells and prayers.

You can also read my other blog posts about how we’ve been celebrating Halloween this year so far:




Since we started celebrating it, we’ve also been playing old horror flicks in the background at night while working including the Harry Potter series and this weekend we’ll be having our own mini Halloween party, just us three, but anyone who wants to visit is welcome (including those not from this world, hehehe… kidding! We already have enough of those at home. Hahaha!) We hope  baby Tuzzy won’t be as fussy.

For now, enjoy these photos below of our own horror house:

Horror House

Horror House

Trick or treat!!! Happy Friday, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN, everyone!



4 thoughts on “Thoughts This Halloween

    • MomTraNeur says:

      Hi Kim. All our gold accounts are still there. We still have P500K each invested in it hoping to turn it to P5 Million someday. BUT, due to negative media and lack of support from the government (SEC), it became hard to spread the opportunity in the country despite the fact that it’s a real gold business. Other people who don’t really understand the system are spreading negativity about it as well. It just became too much. Plus, right now, we couldn’t find the time and energy to network anymore coz of work, baby and other stuff. Last year when I was pregnant, it was the only thing I was doing, hence the activity. Networking is more than a full-time job, a job I couldn’t afford to engage myself in right now coz of other priorities. Come February, Global Intergold will hold its first Philippine Conference. Should it push through, it might give the motivation our members need to network again. And hopefully, the government will cooperate because I still believe it can bring real wealth to the Filipino people as long as it is done right. 🙂


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