Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema 2016 Family Event

I blogged last time that we were attending the Nuvali Night Sky Cinema event. So that’s where we came from last Saturday with my family and as usual we had a blast! We were there early in the afternoon so we did a lot of things first before finally heading to the Open Fields for the 2016 Night Sky Cinema. I’ll blog about that on another post after this — about things people can do in Nuvali.

For now, here’s a photo essay of how our Pre-Halloween Family Get-Together at Nuvali Night Sky Cinema went and a guide as well for those who plan to do this next year in case you missed it last Saturday. 


Where is NUVALI?

NUVALI is located between the cities of Sta. Rosa, Calamba, as well as the Municipality of Cabuyao in Laguna.


how to get to NUVALI?

You can get to Nuvali via several exits along the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

  • Greenfield City/Unilab/Mamplasan (secured access)
  • Sta. Rosa
  • Eton City-Greenfield
  • Silangan
  • Calamba

You can use Waze for directions if you’re using a private car and you can commute as well. For the schedule of public transportation, just head to this link:



The Nuvali Night Sky Cinema is open to the public and FREE!!!

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema



Last year, we came in the evening and we had a hard time looking for parking. Like I said above, the Night Sky Cinema event is open to the public, meaning, ADMISSION IS FREE. Even parking is free so it’s always expected that a lot of people do attend this event every year since it has started. In order to avoid the same hassle of looking for parking, we came in as early as 4 PM.

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

There were already many people that afternoon when we got there but there were still many spaces left for parking too (the Open Fields and its nearby parking lots are huge!) so we didn’t have a hard time at all parking Dex (our Chevy Trailblazer).



After parking, at around past 4 pm, we headed to the Open Fields where the Night Sky Cinema is always held. We found a spot not-so-near the stage where the screen was still big enough for us to see the movie.

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

I would have loved to go farther from the screen because honestly the speakers were too loud for me that my ears were already ringing before we went home that night. But since they were all comfortable and baby Tuz doesn’t seem to mind the noise (and the many other babies and toddlers I saw who were nearer the stage than us as well), we just went ahead and placed our picnic mats, sleeping bags and blankets there.



We bought finger foods earlier at Nuvali’s Robinson’s Supermarket so we can save some money (told yah we’re spendthrifts!) So we had bread, tuna, mayonnaise, biscuits, chips, water and Coke (we had a lot of leftover afterwards so until now, we can snack on those leftovers). I brought disposable plates, utensils, cups and can opener too from home so we can all have a wonderful picnic and no need to spend some more by buying food being offered at McDonald’s and other concessionaires in the area. However, if you’re the type who’s not into bringing his own food, then you can just buy from the many food choices being sold at the event.

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema



Since it was only past 4pm, we just settled on our picnic mats, I made some tuna sandwich and my family just enjoyed the show on stage. A dance group performed their number and afterwards, kids wearing different monster costumes went up the stage. Monsterrific Halloween was the theme of this year’s event. Apparently they were the contestants for the Halloween costume competition. Maybe next time baby Tuz can join too!

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

For now, it’s enough that baby Tuz was wearing his brand new Dracula costume which we just bought earlier that day at Toys R Us because I wanted his first Halloween to be a little special. His older cousin, kuya Cyphil, on the other hand, wore a scary headband as if his head was hit by an ax. Eeeep! Hehehe.

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

What happens every year at the Nuvali Night Sky Cinema is that from 4PM – 6PM, games, dances and competitions are held on stage. Then come night fall, the first movie is shown. But the whole time from 2PM til late at night, there are ongoing side activities like face painting, drawing, kids playground, photo booths, etc. Don’t worry about bathrooms too coz there are several portable toilets set up within the vicinity.

Last Saturday, the first movie shown was Monster VS. Aliens. My little 4 year old nephew was so into it and so were my mom and Hanz. As for Tuz, what can you expect from an 11-month old boy? The moment he got bored and hot (it was really humid that night!), he started wailing. My dad on the other hand, fell asleep, lol!

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

We only got to finish one movie. By 8 pm, I was already getting tired and sleepy and baby Tuz needed a new surrounding. So we all got up during intermission, helped out in cleaning our area and made sure we didn’t leave any trash behind then off we went looking for a place to dine at before heading home. We didn’t watch the second movie anymore (Monster House). Next time, we hope to finish the entire event!

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema

Perhaps, we’re getting old, or I’m just lucky that my body clock is now back to Philippine time. I’ve been getting up between 4-6 am and getting sleepy between 8-10 pm. It’s been going on for one week now, thank God! Hopefully it will remain that way so I can say goodbye to my usual zombified mornings.

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema



Overall, our experience at Nuvali Night Sky Cinema was fun. I think it’s something we’re going to do every year. And once the kids are a lot older, we can then join other activities being done during the event like face painting, drawing, getting our pictures taken at a photo booth, buying souvenirs, etc. Hopefully Tuz’s oldest cousin, Kuya Dominic will be able to join us too.

Watch out for my next post tomorrow about Things to Do in Nuvali. Til then!


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