Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 – Transformative Lessons and Realizations

Let me begin by saying that Halloween is my most favorite time of the year. Christmas comes second and Summer comes third.

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And this year, I honestly thought that I won’t be able to celebrate it because of the following reasons:


1. I was having second thoughts about continuing a Halloween tradition I started at the farm last year when we did trick or treats with the farm kids because our two consecutive families of helpers and their kids already left us. We got new helpers now and their kids are also living at our farmhouse, but I still feel much too jaded about what happened that I felt like after everything we would do for them, after all the financial sacrifices so we can give them what they need (including salary advances) they might still end up leaving us. Mahal’s elder sister also advised us to put emotional boundaries and not treat our people as generously and lovingly as we did before because they might again abuse our kindness. So as much as a part of me wanted to party there with them, my heart wasn’t 100% into it anymore. Halloween is supposed to be fun (in my world) and not laden with these kinds of emotional trauma. So I told myself that I’ll just cross the bridge when the day comes.

2. The day of the Halloween did come. It was Oct. 31 and Mahal and I were still busy at work. Mahal was finishing cooking the next batch of our Mushroom Chili Paste and I was neck-deep in my client work. Our farm biz is still not reaping our desired ROI, we were feeling impatient about it and we felt like so much money is always going out of our pockets that it was really starting to depress us so I just bury myself with VA work and Mahal started listening to inspiring videos to help re-center himself.

I told myself early that day that if I finish by 6pm, then maybe we can have dinner somewhere that celebrates the Halloween so we can get out of the funk we were feeling… somewhere not too expensive. 6PM came and I was still not finished with work. But I couldn’t concentrate anymore coz I was thinking that if I missed celebrating Halloween this year, even if it’s just a simple celebration, I will really feel bad about it. Isn’t it my most favorite time of the year? So why was I sulking?

So by 6:30pm, I really forced myself to stop working. I took a bath and declared to Mahal that yes, we will go out, wear whatever Halloween costumes we have, and enjoy the night. I asked God to show us signs that things will change for the better.

So that’s what we did! And I’m so glad that there was still one good place that night here in Cagayan de Oro that was celebrating Halloween. It was at The Hive Food Park near LimketKai Mall. I was so happy! Watch this video I made about how we celebrated Halloween.

Our Vibe

Let me just say that Mahal and I went through a rough emotional patch lately because we were so burnt out from work. We felt like we were doing so much work for so little reward. So we started listening to 432 hertz type of music for healing, peace, focus, and abundance and it greatly helped! We would play it while sleeping, we would listen to it while doing chores, while working… it really is very calming, soothing and it always makes us light up, feel loved and inspired! As if everything in the world is alright and we can do anything! It’s amazing. Try it! Below is one of the videos we always listen to:

Because we were able to make ourselves feel good again by listening to those kinds of music, we were led to listen to meditation gurus like Christie Marie Sheldon who taught us how to remove our energy blocks and attract abundance with energy clearing.

We’ve also been listening to the founder of Mind Valley (awarded as one of the happiest workplaces in the world), Vishen Lakhiani, and boy, did our frequencies accelerated from fear and worry to love and joy! More blessings also started coming in that we felt like “the secret” behind The Secret (law of attraction) is again working for us.

So having been able to let go of the negativity we’ve been feeling, we went out for a simple dinner at The Vibe because it was the only place still open at 9pm celebrating Halloween that night. We were so high with positive energy that we bumped into our kind landlady who also has food stalls in there and treated us with good food which was so unexpected! She also gave Tuz lots of candies. Then there was an alcohol promo going on so we got some free drinks too, wow!  Then another person gave Tuz more candies and a lady so fond of Tuz gave him a cupcake! Then we bumped into Mahal’s old High School buddy and spent the rest of the evening just talking and laughing while Tuz dances around coz there was a live band playing. I believe that because we were feeling very positive, we also started attracting positive things, people and situations! I was having goosebumps all night, and it’s not even the spooky kind! What a totally different and blessed kind of Halloween! I mean after feeling so down the past few days before this, little blessings that came in were such a relief. It’s like a sign that once you really tune yourself to positivity, more of it will come. Thank you, God! We just have to keep at it.

Halloween at The Hive

The vibe I felt that night also reminded me of those good ‘ol years when I went to Brownman Revival gigs or attended concerts, and went to music fests and it was just so much fun! I wasn’t even tipsy! I told Mahal that we should frequent this place whenever we’re in the city because The Hive is open every night until midnight all days of the week! It was a great place to decompress and relax after a very tiring, workaholic week.

Halloween at The Hive

Our Halloween Getup

While almost everyone on my FB feed had some awesome Halloween theme going on, our family didn’t. I bought this black dress with a very deep neckline back in Forever 21 sometime last year. It was medium-sized and I couldn’t fit in it. Nevertheless, I fell in love with that dress so I bought it. I figured that one of these days, I will somehow get to fit in it. And thank God, that fateful night, I did. Yey!

Halloween at The Hive

I had two options for the hat… either I go gypsie mode or witch mode. Whichever is fine by me. I asked my FB friends and most of them preferred the witch hat, and Mahal did also, so that’s what I wore to complete my getup.

Halloween 2018

For Tuz, we bought him an oversized elf costume last year which he wore at the farm when we did our Halloween party there. It’s still in good condition and we didn’t have the time anymore to get him a new costume. So that’s what he wore. Last year, he didn’t want to wear the elf hat that went with it. Good thing that this year, we were able to make him wear it.

As for Mahal, he just wanted to wear something white with a mask until he found his Guess shirt that got torn in so many places. He looked like a homeless person so that’s what he wore, lol! I guess it was effective because out of the other scary costumes we saw people wore that night, he was the only one that the bartender almost didn’t want to sell drinks to coz the bartender thought that Mahal was a crazy person. It worked! Hahaha!


So that was our 2018 Halloween. With the simple act of taking steps to change our vibration (by listening to those inspiring and healing Youtube videos overtime), we not only changed our looks externally through our costumes, albeit simple ones, but most importantly, we were able to transform our feelings, vibrations, and perceptions from within and started attracting similar vibrations. What more if we can keep at it and continue to elevate our energy fields? Right?!  What do you think? You can try it too!

Til my next post! ^_^


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