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Bonueva Home Guesthouse – Boracay Cheap Room

I consider Boracay my second home. If you go to my old Sexynomad blog, you’ll find that I have a total of 30 posts there just talking about my various Boracay experiences all these years beginning 2004.  Here’s the link if you want to visit:

I started visiting Boracay in 2004 when I first bought a Club Membership at The Panoly or better known as Club Panoly then. It was a ten-year membership that cost me my beach wedding savings of P250,000 which I thought could be better spent enjoying unlimited vacations in Club Panoly’s resort in Boracay and its other RCI affiliates worldwide. Unfortunately, the resort had some legal battles sometime 2009-2010 so suffice it to say that I only got to maximize my money’s worth for 5 years instead of ten years. After that, it was all budget accommodation for me. I got so guilty for spending such huge amount of money on a luxury club membership that didn’t hold true to its promises. Don’t get me wrong though, those five years with them were pure bliss every time I’d stay in their posh resort and other affiliates because they were still properly maintained at that time. The main resort had free shuttle service, butlers everywhere, nice amenities… the works! I’m not sure if at present they’re still in operation. I might give them a call one day and ask if I can refund the other 5 years of my supposed 10-year membership. Hmmm.

Anyway, after that long stint of luxury Boracay stay, I decided to still continue going to Boracay because I honestly fell in love with its fine white sands, amazing sunsets and exciting vibe. But this time around, I’ll visit Boracay on a budget… So that’s what I’ve been doing since 2011 when I realized my dream of staying on this world-renowned island for a month! I even got featured in an adventure magazine because of it and I blogged about it on my previous blog  — Adventour Magazine Features Sexy Nomad

This dream of mine of staying in Boracay for a month was made possible because I found a very affordable accommodation which is just a short walk from the famous white sand beach — Bonueva Home. You can read about my experiences with them back in 2011 and 2013 here:

Bonueva Home – Boracay Cheap Rooms

Cheap Boracay Rooms at Bonueva Home

So it was in 2013 when I last visited Boracay. I wanted to come back after that but personal things got in the way, then I got pregnant, then I became a mother. But the moment our baby’s pediatrician gave us the go signal that it’s okay for Tuz to come visit Boracay, I immediately waited for Cebu Pacific’s promo fare, booked our flight middle of last year and informed Ervin Bonot, Bonueva Home’s owner, that we’ll be coming back for a visit and we hope to get an affordable accommodation again… more affordable if that’s even possible.

Bonueva Home

During my previous stays with them, the room that I got ranged from P900 – P1500 per night depending on the season. The more expensive ones are the newer ones located across the street where they expanded their property. This time around, Ervin was kind enough to give me a room way cheaper than that at P800.00 per night because I told him I wanted to stay for at least a week in Boracay but I have very little budget for it. He helped me out and made it possible by giving me one of their old rooms located on the second floor of their old building but I’m not complaining! I’m really grateful! After all, it’s the beach that I came here for. And as long as there’s wifi for work purposes and baby is safe and happy inside the room, then I’m good. (Read: How to Travel with a Baby)

Bonueva Home

The room is bigger than the previous newer rooms I’ve had with them which I’m happy about because Tuz can play around, walk and run as much as he can. It has a double-sized bed with bamboo frame, an extra large sofa bed where I’m working right now, an old-style TV set, a medium-sized old fridge, a wooden table, a monobloc chair, a fan, an air conditioning unit, a small plastic shelf.

Next to the room is a small kitchen with faucet, sink, table and chair for dining, clothes rack and hangers for hanging clothes and next to it is a small bathroom with good running water and hot and cold shower (although at the moment the hot shower is not working which I’ll tell Ervin later). The window screen at the small kitchen and bathroom needs some repair and the fridge and fan can probably be replaced by a new one already because they’re already rusting away.  But as long as I just keep Tuz away from these things then I’m happy with our accommodation.  They even have a guard guarding the property at night! P800 a night! In Boracay! I don’t think I can find one cheaper! Let me know if you do! ^_^

Bonueva Home

So all in all, it’s not a bad room for P800 a night! We even have water heater for boiling drinking water; we can use their bigger kitchen and cook there for free and they have a small sari-sari store downstairs where we can buy some basic stuff like eggs, coffee, soap, etc. They even sell 4-5 gallons of mineral drinking water for only P80.

And did I tell you that Bonueva Home is just 50 steps away from the beach? Yup, it’s just a short walk away and you’re already on the famous white sand beach of Boracay!

Bonueva Home is the reason why I don’t bother anymore to look for cheap and affordable rooms in Boracay. Every time I’d think of staying in Boracay for a while, I’d think of Bonueva Home. I’m really quite satisfied with their rooms with the budget that I got.

Bonueva Home

Bonueva Home

Bonueva Home

Bonueva Home

If you’re into budget accommodations as well and you’re thinking of staying in Boracay for more than a night, contact Bonueva Home Guesthouse. Like me, you might just find a home away from home.

You may contact Ervin and Jet Bonot at the following numbers: 09209175673 / 0927-877-3691 / 0917-532-2992. Happy Boracay vacay! (^_^)


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    • MomTraNeur says:

      Yeah… will find time to get in touch with Panoly again if they are still existing. When we did our island hopping around Boracay, we passed by Punta Bunga where Panoly used to be. I saw that it no longer looks like the way it was before. It looks like another developer has taken over because the building was kinda torn down and a new one seems to be being built on the same spot. Maybe it got sold to someone else. I’ll do further research on it and I’ll see how I can get refunded.


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