Angol beach, Boracay

Boracay – Things to Do, Where to Eat, How Much to Spend PART 2/5

It has been a loooong but nonetheless exciting day leading up to this post. This was supposed to be published yesterday but because of the demands of my client work, I had to work for 18 hours straight (with small meal breaks in between, and yes, I haven’t taken a bath in two days now) to finish all of my deadlines. Mahal had to take Tuz with him as he did his errands for his upcoming DTI business presentation, revalida and graduation (which is today) so I can focus on my tasks. By the time I was done working (I worked from 5am to 12 midnight), Mahal requested to use my computer to finish his business presentation in Keynote. His own Macbook Pro got busted by Tuz last year and we haven’t had the budget to have it repaired yet. It will cost him half the price of a new Macbook so he might just as well buy a brand new, none-Apple one. My old Acer and Asus laptops lasted me 4-5 years before. His Macbook Pro only lasted him a year, thanks to our toddler who kept on banging it, it finally gave up. Lolz!

Anyway, enough chitchat.

This is Part 2 of my 5-Part Boracay – Things to Do, Where to Eat, How Much to Spend  blog post.

Do read Part 1 first to give you a more wholistic picture of our travel experiences in Boracay. It details the first to third day of our 16-day Boracay getaway. Here’s the link:


Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s continue with Days 4-6. Oh, and please be warned, there will be a ton of photos! I’ve already curated these ones here so just imagine the hundreds of photos I had to go through to finally choose the ones I’m publishing here. That’s coz one of my life’s goals is to keep documenting our life together through pictures and videos. This reminds me to also update my Youtube channel soon. ^_^



55th Monthsary Celebration At Angol Beach

If the previous day, we spent most of it in Station 1, this time, we spent most of this day in Angol beach, beyond Station 3 on the other side of the famous 4-km white sand beach of Boracay.

A little background about my Angol Beach experience:

I first discovered this beach in 2008 when I went on an all-expense 1-week Boracay trip to marshal the 20th Neil Pryde Funboard Cup. The windsurfing and kite surfing activities happened in Bolabog beach, but some of the evening parties happened in Angol Beach. When everyone else was busy mingling and partying, I took a stroll at the beach and I saw these beautiful private houses.

Angol beach in 2008

This is Angol Beach at night back in 2008, my first time here, during the 20th Neil Pryde Funboard Cup.

That’s where I actually patterned the design of my house in Alabang. Doesn’t the vibe of the houses there and my own house feel the same? Teehee. ^_^

Alabang TownHouse

My Boracay-themed house in Alabang. ^_^

So, back to my family’s tour of Angol beach last summer.

From our room in Bonueva Homes to Angol beach, it was just a short walk since we were already located in Station 3. We lounged under one of the coconut trees, swam in the clear blue waters and just enjoyed the summer heat. When we got bored of the beautiful view (haha!), we walked further towards the end of Angol beach, all the way to Asya (this high-end beach resort that rents their cottages from P12k to P30k per night).

There’s a cave and series of rock formations on that side of Boracay that we’d always frequent in Angol. So that’s where we stayed after. We just swam, enjoyed the beach, stayed in the cave and just enjoyed our time as a family.

It was also our 55th Monthsary and we wanted to celebrate it. We scoured all the nice restobars in the area and after looking at all the menus and prices, we chose Hey Jude!

When we had enough of the sun, the sand, and the cocktails at Hey Jude, we started heading back to our place. On the way there, we passed by a fruit stand and bought some fruits to take home and dropped by a local drugstore as well for our vitamins.

In the evening, we just spent it inside our room. My boys were tired and I still had some work to do, as usual. Then I went to sleep after midnight.


Sexy MomAngol beach, BoracayAngol beach, BoracayAngol beach, BoracayAngol beach, BoracayAngol beach, BoracayAngol CaveAngol beach, Boracay Angol beach, Boracay Angol beach, Boracay Angol beach, Boracay Angol beach, Boracay Angol beach, Boracay Angol beach, Boracay Angol beach, Boracay Hey Jude, Angol beach, Boracay Hey Jude, Angol beach, Boracay Hey Jude, Angol beach, Boracay Hey Jude, Angol beach, Boracay Hey Jude, Angol beach, Boracay Hey Jude, Angol beach, Boracay Hey Jude, Angol beach, Boracay Angol beach, Boracay Angol beach, Boracay Angol beach, Boracay


Breakfast at the carenderia

  • Fish gata – P45
  • Pakbet – P35
  • Rice – P10 x 3 = P30
  • Egg – P15 x 2 = P30
  • Chorizo – P25

Lunch + Cocktails at Hey Jude

  • Seafood Fra Diavolo (mixed seafood in spicy tomato sauce) – P350
  • Hey Jude Special (ham, bacon, peppers, mushroom, olives, tomatoes) – P390
  • Buy 1 take 1 cocktail Bay Breez (vodka, pineapple, cranberry) – P100

Fruit Stand

  • Pineapple – P40
  • Lettuce -P74
  • Banana – P50
  • Lemon – P100
  • Milk+Vitamins = P1145



  • P1574 in cash
  • P990 in credit card (inclusive of + 10% service charge +12% VAT)



Lazy Day at Station 1 and Merienda Buffet at Paradise Garden Sunset View Resto

In between work, I would go out to the beach to be with my family. We headed to Station 2 and hung out under this huge tree where people would usually rest from the scorching heat of the sun. We swam, I napped, and we played with Tuz.

In the early afternoon, on the way back to our place, we passed by Paradise Garden Sunset View RestoBar. They were offering Merienda Buffet and the dishes they were serving looked filling and scrumptious enough that can last us until dinner time. We had heavy breakfast that morning so this Merienda could serve as our late lunch. We had noodles, pasta, mini burgers, and other heavy snacks. They were yummy!

On the way back, we dropped by a mini grocery store and bought bread and some junkfood for my boys.


Sexy MomStation 2, BoracayStation 2, BoracayStation 2, BoracaySunset View Resto Bar BoracaySunset View Resto Bar Boracay Sunset View Resto Bar Boracay Sunset View Resto Bar Boracay Station 2, Boracay


Breakfast at the carenderia

  • The usual order – P165

Merienda Buffet

  • Paradise Garden Sunset View Resto – P189 x 2 + 150 pineapple shake = P528 c/o Visa


  • Loaf of Bread – P100
  • Cornetto ay 7-11 – P35
  • Junkfood – P74



  • P374 in cash
  • P528 in credit card



Paddle Boarding in Boracay… wooohooo!!!

We didn’t know that this was going to be an exciting day. I know there are so many things one can do in Boracay, but once you’re at the beach, sometimes, you just want to lounge in there, soak up the sun and feel the sand against your skin. This usually happens to me when I know that I’m not in a rush like on this vacation, as compared to say, just visiting a place for 2-3 nights that I usually pack the days with activities to make the most of it. You get what I mean?

So, as usual, I thought it was going to be another lazy day at the beach with my boys. But there was this guy who kept passing by our area, encouraging us to try paddle boarding. We surfed before, in Siargao, La Union and Baler, but we’ve never tried paddle boarding. Looking at those people paddle boarding from a distance, we thought that it’s going to be boring so we kinda said no a few times… until we thought, we have nothing else planned so we might as well try it. But we didn’t want to do it for an hour which would cost us P600. So, the guy gave us a special rate of only P300 for 40 minutes instead of only half an hour. It’s a deal!

Mahal did it first. Ten minutes into it, he was already tired! Lol! Then we let Tuz sit on the paddle board with Mahal which was quite a challenge to our surprise. They then paddled into the sunset… When it was my turn, I really thought it was going to be a breeze. I was a surfer after all! But then no, I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was. My knees and legs were buckling and even if the sea wasn’t wavy, it was quite a challenge balancing myself on the board. Okay, then I admitted it… I’m fat! Hahaha! I really need to lose weight like before! Lol!

In the evening, we were famished! We wanted to eat some hot dishes but we were on a budget because we still had 10 days to go on this vacation. We scoured the restaurants at D’Mall and after walking for a while, we still ended up at Andok’s. Lol! I was once again craving for Sinigang, lots of rice, crispy fried chicken, mais con yelo, and grilled Bangus. So thats’ what we ordered.  Bon appetit! *Burp!*

On the way back home, we again passed by the grocery store and we ended up buying food and junkfood (again!)


Sexy mom Sexy MomBoracay BoracayPaddle Boarding BoracayPaddle Boarding BoracayPaddle Boarding BoracayPaddle Boarding BoracayPaddle Boarding BoracayPaddle Boarding Boracay Paddle Boarding BoracayAndok's D'Mall BoracayAndok's D'Mall BoracayAndok's D'Mall BoracayAndok's D'Mall BoracayToddler


Breakfast at the carenderia

  • The usual order – P160

Afternoon Snacks

  • nuts – 63
  • chips delight – 84
  • beer – 35

Paddle Boarding

  • Rate for 40 minutes –  P300


  • Andok’s dinner – P422

Grocery Shopping

  • Budget Emall – P919.80 via Visa



  • P1,064 in cash
  • P919.80 in credit card


For my Days 7-9, I’ll continue tomorrow! That’s enough beach reminiscing for today. Haha! I still have to prepare for Mahal’s graduation celebration. I hope his business presentation with DTI went well.



When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.” – Jim Rohn


See you tomorrow!


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