Momtraneur, Off to the Next Level!

Hello, hello!

It’s been a busy month for me and my family. Before we headed to Siargao for a 9D/8N beach trip as a pre-celebration of Tuz’s 3rd birthday (and to de-stress and meditate as well because we’ve been feeling so burnt out and cluttered), we attended a seminar sponsored by CDO Homeschoolers last Nov. 3 where I learned that there are so many ways and techniques to homeschool your child and many of them are accredited by the Dept. of Education. Awesome! Now we have more choices for our baby! Tuz will also be attending a free 3-day class at The Abba’s Orchard, a Montessori school, next month to test the waters for him. So at least now, Mahal and I have more choices as to what kind of education we want our only child to have.

After the homeschooling seminar, we were on a long road trip the following day, 18 hours to be exact, from Cagayan de Oro to Butuan, to Surigao City then Siargao! We spent 8 nights there and it was heaven! I have so many content to sift through so I can share with you our amazing experiences of the island, this time, with our little boy. It was my 4th time there, but it was my 1st time with our baby, so it was more exciting and it’s like seeing Siargao again with fresh eyes.

By the time we got back to Cagayan de Oro, I was swimming in work deadlines and Mahal had so many things to attend to at the farm. Then Tuz had his 3rd birthday at Seven Seas (the biggest waterpark in the Philippines!) It’s only now that I finally had a little bit of extra time to write, to at least journal my thoughts so I can begin organizing the blog posts  I have in my head. After this, I’m off to buy a new office table and chair at Our Home in SM Downtown (so excited about that, that I was actually able to make space for it in our tiny pad! I hope it’s still there!), deliver our Mushroom Chili Paste and fresh vegetable harvest to customers and run a few more errands. Whew! Super Mom it is!

In the middle of all this chaos, I was also attending various webinars left and right and downloading ebooks to improve myself, my skills and bring my little online business to the next level. I was listening to Tai Lopez’s masterclass (I’m thinking of attending his Social Media Marketing Agency Course so I can incorporate it into my current business); I attended Marina De Giovanni’s  Lifestyle Blogger’s Guide webinar to help bring my brand to the next level; I watched numerous videos of Bob Proctor, Christie Marie Sheldon, Mary Morrissey, Marisa Peer, Vishen Lakhiani… all I consider my online mentors in the art of attracting prosperity, abundance and living the life you want! I was studying Dropshipping by Oberlo and how to be an Amazon affiliate. I was talking to a website developer who will transfer my blog to a platform coz currently, it’s in and I didn’t know then that they are different! I was also listening (even while asleep) to 432 hertz type of music, isochronic gamma frequencies, theta and alpha sound to be more focused, to attract more positivity, healing, abundance, wealth… until I finally enrolled in a 30-day quest (course) with MindValley. It’s the 30-Day Superbrain Quest by Jim Kwik and I am feeling so excited about it! Jim Kwik, if you must know, grew up believing he has a “broken brain” because that’s what he heard his teacher call him because of his learning disabilities. But he overcame it and taught his brain to learn with the help of comic books! And now, he teaches A-list actors (including all the actors of X-Men), businessmen, billionaires and even ordinary people like us, to get back our superbrain so we can be our own superheroes!

SuperBrain Quest

With everything that I want to do and accomplish, I believe I need to rewire my brain first. I need to be my own superhero. It’s just so cluttered with so many goals and to-do lists! It’s like going on a long road trip. You have to make sure that your car’s oil has been changed, the brake pads are new, the tires are not yet worn out, that your car has been overhauled if possible to be able to run efficiently so you can reach your destination safely and successfully. In short, I need my brain to be super so I can do supertasks as well.

SuperBrain Quest

My introduction in their private Facebook Group goes:

Hi. I’m from the Philippines. I’m 40 and a mom to a 3 year old hyper kid. Since I had him via CS section, I felt like I lost half of my brain to epidural. I’m a hyper person myself and I want to accomplish a lot of things like finishing all those amazing books I bought more than a decade ago, finally taking my MBA and putting my virtual assistant business and farm business to the next level. I expect that once I get my super brain, I can finally accomplish all of that. 🙂

SuperBrain Quest

Then Steve Allen replied that I already have a superbrain. It just goes dormant sometimes.

And I said:

“I was actually going to say “Once I get my superbrain back. But I want to be modest, haha!”…

So anyway, I can’t wait to start the course on Monday! I am investing $129 a month for 3 months to take this course. I expect to live a better, more fulfilling, more productive life after I finish the quest and I know deep within that it will change my life so drastically for the better. I’ll be my own superhero! And I can teach it to Mahal or let him take the course as well using my login and teach the lessons to Tuz as well so he grows up with a fully functioning super brain! The possibilities with this course are endless! As for me, this translates to me being able to do the other things I’ve always wanted to  accomplish (like take all those other courses as well as my masters by next year, put up a 3rd new business or incorporate it to my existing one, be a better mother and partner, read all my old books on various genre, learn better and faster, etc.).. In short, it’s like I’m buying more time  for myself because I’ll then be functioning at a “limitless” level (if you’ve seen that movie starring Bradley Cooper, isn’t life more exciting when your brain is optimized?) 

So that’s my update for now. I’m really off to my next level. How about you? How have you been?

Here’s to living a life that just keeps on getting better and better. Cheers!


Siargao posts coming up!


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