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Envizion PH Summer Night

How’s your summer so far? Having a blast? I hope so! As for me, so many things have happened the last couple of weeks from summer parties to eco advocacies (in celebration of the recently culminated Earth Week), to surprise trips, to farm activities, and more!  and I am giving myself an ultimatum of sharing them all with you until this coming week. So watch out for a series of back-to-back blog posts and vlogs!

Speaking of summer parties, I had the pleasure of attending Envizion Philippines, Inc.’s Summer Party last April 13, 2019, held at De Oro Sagatech Resort in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City and I had so much fun. It allowed me to take a peek at their culture and how this company really makes it a point to make sure that their employees not only work hard but have the best fun as well. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company like this, right?


Envizion History

Just to give you a bit of a background about the company, Envizion  Philippines, is headed by their Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shunsuke Mizushima (Shun-san).

Envizion PH

It was established in September 2016 and was also recently established in Tokyo, Japan and will continuously expand.

Envizion PH

It is a subsidiary of Rarejob, Inc., which is known as the biggest ESL company in Japan.

*ESL means English as a Second Language.

Envizion PH

The company has more than 200 office-based employees here in Cagayan De Oro and their service is to cater English online tutorial to different Schools in Japan.

When I saw their company’s vision, mission, and values, they really made me proud…

Envizion’s Vision:

Chances for everyone, everywhere.

Envizion’s Mission:

Encourage 10 million Japanese to speak fluent English and to change Japan’s English Education System.

Value: Student First

Every decision, every action should be executed with the students as the top priority in mind.

Their company lifestyle is ‘more than “Tsada”’. They are all professionals in what they do;  they exceed the perceived local standards; and they truly aim for global standards. But it’s not all work for these hardworking and high-standard professionals. They also get to enjoy everything because there is always something enjoyable in what they do. It’s all a matter of perspective.

And enjoy they all did during their #EnvizionSummerNight!


The Attire: Summer Getup

Envizion PHI went there as one of the representatives of the CDO Bloggers group. I mentioned before in my last CDO blog post that I am in the pursuit of personal development and one aspect of myself that I’d like to develop more is my social self. I’ve been mostly all by myself the past decade because of the nature of my work (and with Mahal and Tuz for the last 3 years) that I think joining social activities and groups with causes that resonate with my values will tremendously help me grow as a better person. Hence, I was so happy to volunteer for this event.  It was a pool party so everyone was encouraged to come dressed in their best summer attires.  I actually thought hard about my getup. You know me, I’m still a Sexy Nomad at heart (despite being a Momtraneur now) so I wanted to wear something Envizion PHsummery, fun, but not too sexy… just something cool and reflective of the night’s festivities.

I had this dress I bought in Boracay when we spent 15 nights there last month. Then I commissioned Hands at Work Studio to make a dreamcatcher headdress for me. I saw a photo of Vanessa Hudgens posted on their IG feed which I liked so much that I had them make one for me too. This was my getup for the event. What do you think? I think it looked awesome! I ordered a few more headdresses from them which I can wear to future fun events I’ll be attending. ^_^

The rest of the Envizion guests and employees came in their swimsuits topped with summer dresses and coverups for girls and mostly Hawaiian polo shirts for men.


The Venue: De Oro Sagatech

When I got to the venue, a long line was already moving, allowing the guests and employees to come into the party area. As I mentioned, I came as a CDO blogger / Media so I didn’t have to wait in line (yey!)

Envizion PH

I figured out from what I’ve seen that De Oro Sagatech is a resort that usually gets booked for private parties such as this.

The resort has a big pool at the center, with a smaller pool adjacent to it for kids.

Envizion PH

It has a big terrace overlooking the swimming area where the bloggers and media were stationed with our own catered food.

There were 2 staging areas where the hosts for the evening did their thing.

The rest of the area was set up for dinner buffet, and entertainment.


The Food: It’s a Buffet!

As I mentioned, catered food was prepared both for the media guests stationed at the terrace and another one for the employees near the swimming pool.

Envizion PH

There’s also fresh buko juice and ice cream stations down below.


The Program: Singing, Dancing, and Fun Performances

The vibe I got from the whole program was the same exciting, fun, awesome vibe I experienced in my Etelecare Days when we had this foam party way back in 2001. In short, I really felt so youthful just being there witnessing it all and watching all the performances that night!

Here’s the program and below are some photos I took.

Envizion PH

Envizion PH

Envizion PH

Envizion PH

Envizion PH

Envizion PH

Envizion PH

My whole night was made more enjoyable because another CDO Blogger came as well — Mj Envizion PHArceño Paña. Yey! It was my first time to meet her and I think we hit it off. She’s just really so nice. I learned a lot from her that night. She just recently started her blog and I hope you can check it out — https://thedigitalkagay-anon.blogspot.com.

I’m still in the process of making a VLOG  about the event so you can see more of the exciting stuff during the Envizion Summer Night. I’ll be publishing that tomorrow so watch out for it. After that will come my long-awaited Boracay To-Do blog post and VLOG.

Anyway, the rest of the party took off when all the activities in the program were done. There were raffles drawn, swimming, and basically, just a whole lot of fun!  This company really knows how to work hard and party even harder with their colleagues, family members and friends!

I hope this post inspired you to enjoy your summer as it looks like we still got a long summer to go so let’s make the most of it!  If you’re living in Cagayan de Oro and you’re looking for a job, why not try applying at Envizion PH? If I wasn’t too busy with everything I’m already into, I would have probably tried to join their company too. ^_^

Til my next Envizion post tomorrow!


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