Earn From GetBlogged! They’re For Real!

OMG! OMG! OMG! GetBlogged just paid me!!! I feel like such a newbie blogger but the truth is, it’s been ages since I last got paid for being a blogger (perhaps the last one was in 2009 when Dr. Gerba visited my house and did the Safeguard campaign… and other little paid links from a decade ago on my Sexy Nomad blog) Like I usually tell you on my old posts, my blog is my passion, my online diary and I don’t really earn from it. It’s just middle of this year that I thought of why not try to earn something from my passion, right? If I get some cash from doing what I love, then thank you, God! If not, the happiness I feel from being able to do what I love is still priceless. I love writing, I love sharing my stories and that should be enough.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I received a little amount on my Paypal account as payment from GetBlogged! I just joined them last month and now I got some payment for doing so. I know it’s nothing; it’s such a super tiny amount, but still, it’s something!


I thought it’s from one of my clients and that they made a mistake… But when I opened my email, lo and behold, it was from GetBlogged!

As you can see from my sidebar, I am one of their avid supporters. Blogger outreach is really made easy here! Companies can easily reach out to bloggers and bloggers can easily collaborate with brands to widen their reach. I really like their platform, it’s easy to use, and I can easily apply for campaigns and do referrals that’s why I highly recommend it! And now that I’ve really experienced for real that they really do pay up, I was really more than ecstatic to share this news with you!


So if you’re a blogger, or even if you don’t have a blog but wants to earn a little extra via referrals, do check out GetBlogged through this link: 

For brands and campaigns, do check it out too:

Registration is free and there’s no harm in trying. But believe me when I say, especially to people like me who have been scammed online too many times, that GetBlogged really does pay. They’re for real! And I’m so happy!!! Pandagdag budget din to sa mga gagawin kong pa-giveaways on social media like the current Early Christmas Giveaway I’m holding on my Facebook Page for Momtraneur X Tuscany Highlands. ^_^

Pasko na talaga!


See you tomorrow!



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