Christmas Giveaway


Hello September!

At last, the Ber months are here — my favorite last few months of the year because it means that Christmas is just around the corner, Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts has started playing in the radio again, and of course, my most favorite holiday, Halloween, is happening before all the pre-Christmas and New Year hullabaloo! In short, I’m just in a very festive mood! Weeeee!!!

A huge part of this joy I’m feeling right now is the realization that I really am blessed despite all the seemingly stressful dramas I indulge myself in from time to time (lol). I am officially and legally single, I am loved, I have my babies with me, we are healthy, Mahal and I are growing our businesses and life together, and it’s all great!

And because of these blessings and the overwhelming gratitude I am feeling towards God and our life in general, I am also inspired to give back. We don’t have many material things as we have been living sort of a semi-minimalist lifestyle since I exchanged my big Alabang townhouse lifestyle to tiny pad living in Cagayan de Oro City, but we can definitely give some things to people, albeit strangers, we consider important to us, and these “some things” are no other than our farm products, for our precious target market, the very people we would like to keep serving through our organic mushroom food product offerings.

Did I tell you that we have recently just released our newest mushroom product? Aside from our MUSIGA (Mushroom Sili Garlic) Paste, which is a rebranded form of our Mushroom Chili Paste, we now have Mushroom Polvoron as well, and I honestly think that it is the best Polvoron around! Before this, my favorite was Goldilock’s Pinipig Polvoron. But our own product beat my former fave in terms of taste, crunchiness of the mushrooms, and its health benefits! Our Mushroom Polvoron really tastes better than the polvoron of Goldilocks! It’s addicting! Even our customers who have already purchased and tasted it said so! But don’t take my word for it! You really have to taste it to know for yourself!

musiga and mushroom polvoron review musiga and mushroom polvoron review musiga and mushroom polvoron review musiga and mushroom polvoron review musiga and mushroom polvoron review musiga and mushroom polvoron review musiga and mushroom polvoron review

And so, because we’d like to offer this to more people who love mushrooms and mushroom products, and because of this festive and grateful mood we are in, and because it’s been two years since we first set up our mushroom growing house at the farm (watch how we celebrated our first anniversary here:, we are conducting an online MOMTRANEUR X TUSCANY HIGHLANDS 2ND ANNIVERSARY & EARLY CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!! I’m super happy and excited about this!!!

This is what I’ve posted on my Momtraneur Facebook Page and our Tuscany Highlands Facebook Page:

Christmas Giveaway

Ber months na! Pasko na!!! It’s also the 2nd anniversary of our farm, Tuscany Highlands!

To welcome the long Yuletide season in the Philippines (alam nyo naman dito sa atin, napakahaba ng Pasko!), and to celebrate Tuscany Highlands’ 2nd Anniversary, naisip kong magpa-giveaway! Yey!

Sobrang ganda ng feedback na nakukuha namin from customers of our MUSIGA (Mushroom Sili Garlic) PASTE and MUSHROOM POLVORON products at Tuscany Highlands Farm kaya as a sign of our gratitude, mamimigay kami ng tig-isang set ng Musiga and tig-isang pack ng Mushroom Polvoron to three lucky random winners kasama na shipping fee! Plus, may kasama pang P200 cash gift and 20% discount on your first order kung sakaling gusto nyong umorder ng products namin.

1. a bottle of MUSIGA ORIGINAL
2. a bottle of MUSIGA EXTRA SPICY
3. a bottle of MUSIGA SWEET & SPICY
4. a bottle of MUSIGA NO SUGAR
5. 20 pcs of small MUSHROOM POLVORON
6. P200.00 cash to be given via bank transfer, or Paypal, or Palawan/Cebuana/LBC.
7. 20% off on your first order of any of our farm food products.

O diba, September pa lang, super pasko na!


To join, please do the following:

1. Like this post.
2. Like my Momtraneur page ( and like 3 other posts on this page.
3. Like our Tuscany Highlands farm page ( and 3 other posts on our farm page.
4. Share this post on your Facebook Timeline set to public and tag 5 of your friends on your post with the caption: “Join na tayo sa Early Christmas Giveaway ni Momtraneur at Tuscany Highlands. Super yummy and healthy ng Musiga and Mushroom Polvoron nila!” 
5. Pag tapos nyo na ang #1-4, magcomment below ng “I’m joining!” para alam kong nagawa nyo na lahat from #1-4 and I can then check.

This giveaway promo will run for one week and I will choose 3 random winners next Sunday, Sept. 8 before midnight. Results are final.

What are you waiting for? Join and share na!!! 

So, if you are from the Philippines and you’d like to join our giveaway, just head to this link.

And because the yuletide season beckons, you might want to get your Christmas shopping out of the way. Pre-order our products now and get discounts! You may text or call me at 0947-891-3140 or just message me here, or on Facebook.

Merry Christmas in September and in case you’ve joined, good luck on the upcoming giveaway draw on Sept. 8!


See you tomorrow!



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