7 Months Into the Pandemic – a Life Update

Hey! How’s everyone doing? How’s the pandemic treating you? I’m writing this down at 3:41 on a Saturday morning (although in my work hours, it’s 2:41 PM central time on a Friday) after 3 quick months of grueling schedule in my home/work life! Man, those 3 months just really flew me by! I’ve been working, and studying,  and taking care of our household, helping Mahal with the biz, and of course, being a mother to an almost 5-year-old boy who still has a very irregular body clock just like his mom! LOL! I’ll probably be babbling a bit at first about how tired I’ve been, how I’ve just gone through a week of depression towards the end of this 3-month-work-study-life marathon; how I thought I was acing this pandemic because for the most part, I’ve been grateful for the boatload of work and opportunities coming in; that I really don’t have the right to be sad because I am still VERY blessed. We are still alive, healthy, productive, and living good lives considering the world situation we are in. And after those 3 months of being on blogging hiatus, I feel like I’ve just come up for air… I’m starting to feel alive again; I’m starting to make new plans for the future… Anyway, let me breathe a little here and give you an overview as to what’s been happening to me the past 3 months that I haven’t had the time to blog here. So here are my updates…


I know I said before that I will make time. And indeed, it was on my calendar. But an opportunity to do a fast track MBA program with DTI was offered to me sometime in July and I’ve been waiting for it since Mahal graduated from the same program July of last year, so I was really ecstatic when a slot opened for me! Suffice it to say that my leisure time which I originally planned to spend on blogging, vlogging, and my other hobbies was taken up by my business studies.  I barely slept the last 3 months which is kind of taking a toll on my health again because I still had full-time work to do at the same time, plus a household to manage, a business to help run, and a 4-year old boy who constantly needed my attention. So yeah… I was a mommy zombie the past 3 months. No wonder I ended up feeling so depressed out of the blue last October 15. My depression only lifted when I finally graduated from the said program on October 20. I’m so proud of myself! I did it! I was sleepless, I was overfatigued, I was depressed towards the end, but I did it!!! I’ll talk more about this program on another blog post. 


Before I graduated, Mahal got invited by Ma’am Jesse Abear of DTI Region 10 to grace a series of interviews they’re doing with MSMEs. Only a few has been chosen and Mahal was the one picked to represent their batch at EBLS. I’m so proud of my Mahal! Will do a separate post about this soon. 


One of the things that kept me sane during the past 3 months was when I started planting vegetables again.

And this is because we have more space now. Nope, we haven’t visited the farm since the pandemic hit because of the travel restrictions. Instead, we transferred to a new home back in August 8! We gave up our tiny pad down the mountains and transferred uptown, in a nice, exclusive subdivision.

From a tiny pad to now living in a 3-bedroom house with 3 t&b, a garage that we turned into a lanai, a small garden space, a part of which we turned into a mushroom growing area for our own consumption, and the rest is being used for my herbs, trees, vegetables and a patio for lounging. Tuz has his own bedroom now (which he never used except as a play room, lol!), and we turned the other bedroom into our office. We have 2 kitchens, a spacious living room, a dining area, and a big master’s bedroom… I say big because it’s almost it’s as big as our tiny pad before. Can you imagine??? Our new home really made me super happy in the midst of this pandemic! The tiny pad has been good to us for 3 years since we only stayed there half the time because we used to travel a lot. But when the pandemic hit and travels were restricted, I started feeling stifled and suffocated. I literally couldn’t breathe sometimes. I know it’s psychological but yeah, I needed the space. And lots of space we got in our new home. I will post a vlog about it soon. 


On August 14, we celebrated our 6 years together! That was another milestone for us! Looking forward to the day when we can tie the knot… not soon though. We still have lots of other priorities to do (like hopefully getting my masters degree and PhD first because these have always been on my bucket list since childhood… God-willing) and then saving up for a nice beach wedding outside the Oslob Church (because that beautiful church is by the beach in Cuartel where we love to hang out whenever we are in Oslob)… and then the beach reception will be in Sumilon island where decorated ferries will take our guests from Cuartel to the island… And before that, we will be taking our guests on an all-expense-paid whale shark and site tours around  Oslob… so exciting! At least that’s the vision we have. And hopefully, Covid-19 will be gone by then. But first things first… Mahal has to propose with a really nice ring… ha! No proposal, no wedding! Coz that means, if he can afford the ring, then we can afford the wedding, hahaha! We don’t have any rich parents to sponsor us so we just have to work hard for it if we really want it. But really, now that I think about it, I’m happy with our life together, married or not. He’s the best person I’ve known in my life, the best dad for Tuz, he’s my bestest friend and I can’t imagine my life with anyone else. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have that much, as long as we’re all together sailing this life, I’m good. But if we do get wed, we at least want to make it memorable for us, our little family, and our closest loved ones. ❤


What else?… We’ve also been walking, hiking, and biking more. Mahal bought a new mountain bike and I’m still thinking if I want to buy one for myself too. After all, I can just borrow his while we take turns taking care of Tuz.  It’s not as if we can all bike together anyway. Plus, I’m not really into biking because I’ve already done that from when I was a child until about my early teenage years. I’ve biked in all kinds of terrains, did some exciting bike rides with my brother on the steering wheel and my sister on the body or at the back; we’ve biked so fearlessly up and down slopes and hills with no brakes at all back in San Mateo Rizal where I grew up. Imagine that! I’ve biked as a teenager in our small town whenever I wanted to spend some time alone or spend time with my friends going from Guinayang to Montana in Montalban. I’ve really made the most of it and I feel like I’ve graduated from biking already. As for Mahal, having a mountain bike has been his dream for a while now. And so the moment he had the chance to buy one, he grabbed it! And whenever he would bike around our new village, and to a nearby rainforest, Tuz and I would follow him by walking. Other times, he would bike with his HS buddies although I have spoken to him if he could limit it or stop going with them if he can because this pandemic is really making me all crazy and panicky. We don’t really know where we’ll catch the virus so better be safer than sorry. Anyway, he can always bike alone or with us. It’s a good exercise so we’ve been doing lots of that whenever all our body clocks are in sync. Considering that I am sitting down most of the time because of the nature of my work, it’s really good to get my body moving. My body will thank me for it.


What else? Oh, I’ve stopped eating rice. Been doing it for 3 weeks now. Yay! As for the other carbs like bread, cakes, and pasta, I haven’t given them up just yet. In fact, I’ve just had a plate of pasta that Mahal cooked before I started drafting this blog post. Hihihi! But no to rice is a good start, yes? 


Lastly, on the first week of October, I’ve also started decorating the house for Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday and it’s something that made me a little sad for the last 3 years since we transferred here because I couldn’t really decorate our tiny pad that much because of lack of space. At least, I did get to sponsor two Halloween parties at the farm — one was back in 2017 and the other was in 2018. And in 2019, we rented an office space for Tuscany Highlands that I got to decorate during the Halloween season as well, and that made me quite happy. Now, though I couldn’t invite people, not even my best friend Mer and my goddaughter Heaven to come in for our Halloween party because of fear of contracting Covid, at least, I am able to do my usual decorations. It’s not as much as I used to back in my Alabang house from 2007 to 2016 but I’m really happy I have space now and it’s right here where we live! It’s not in an office space like last year but in our house! Yey! I’m still thinking if I want to buy some more decorations and costumes as well. Maybe I’ll do a separate blog about this too. I’ve already pre-ordered our feast and I can’t wait for the food come Halloween! I’ll also be doing a Halloween party with Mer and Anne via Zoom! 

So that’s it for now. Expect more of me here in the coming days as I share more of my life. I truly missed blogging. ❤ 

How about you? I hope you’re all doing well and staying healthy.


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