Apple Tree Hotel and Resort

Apple Tree Hotel and Resort, Cagayan de Oro City: Tuz’s 5th Birthday Hoopla

Ever since Tuz was born, we’ve always celebrated it by traveling to the beach or a nice hotel resort, just us three. I do plan to make a blog post and/or vlog of his past birthday celebrations so watch out for those soon… 

Just a little flashback on his past nativity celebrations:

So I’ve only blogged about his first birthday… waahhhh, so many blogs and vlogs to do! Sometimes I do wish to stop all my other work and businesses so I can just blog and vlog to my heart’s content. Maybe soon… when we’ve settled in Oslob and Mahal is able to fully support us (I can wish, right? Wink, wink!)

Anyway, I created this long vlog (the longest I’ve done so far – and I hope you won’t get bored) for Tuz’s 5th birthday hoopla at Apple Tree Resort in Cagayan de Oro City. I’ve already cut so many parts to make it shorter. I thought of cutting the vlog into 2 parts but finally decided to just make it one vlog to really see in one sitting how we’ve celebrated Tuz’s 5th birthday. It’s the most special one for several reasons:

  1. We were still able to do our yearly tradition of celebrating it by going to a beach resort we’ve never been to, just us three.
  2. We were able to do this safely in the midst of this pandemic.
  3. We were able to give him the gifts he wanted and needed; some of these gifts he’d been wanting for a year or two now but it’s only this year that we were able to afford these despite this pandemic so we are truly grateful for all the income opportunities!
  4. Tuz is now able to fully understand and express what a birthday is! For the last 4 years, he was always asleep on his birthday and we would just wake him up with a cake and birthday song, which he still remembers by the way but this time, he fully knew and anticipated and celebrated his birthday with us!

All in all, it was a blast! As Tuz kept saying “It’s the best birthday ever!” and we’re so happy and grateful that we were able to do it again this year despite the pandemic. Thank you, God! 

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did experiencing the before, during, and after. Here it is: 


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