How to Communicate Better With Your Significant Other? [Real Talk with My Then Live-In Partner]

The recording of this video happened 13 months ago, Nov. 17, 2021, at Crimson Resort in Mactan as we were celebrating Tuz’s 6th birthday. I’ve always wanted to share this here in the hopes that it may give some helpful insights for other couples, particularly those living together for several years now, who are trying to be better partners and lovers and trying to find certainty about where their relationship is really going.

I mentioned it here on my previous blog post that Mahal and I have had our share of tough times in our relationship prior to getting engaged last April 25, 2022. There have been so many fights and we almost broke up for good. I believe that one of the major reasons why we were able to work things out, stay together, and continue to love one another was because of our willingness to be better communicators. We already know we love each other so, so much. That’s already a given. But if we don’t know how to properly communicate our wants, needs, thoughts, and feelings, we will continue to crumble as a couple.

So I’m very thankful for talks like this because it made loving each other much easier. Plus, looking back, it just makes me all the more proud of how far we’ve come in our relationship, how deeper our understanding of each other is now, and how much more we’ve grown to love each other, more than we ever did before…

So, here it is… bring some popcorn with you because this is quite long… ❤


Loving is easy especially when you’re still at that “honeymoon” stage. I think I still am because I still get butterflies when I look at him after all these years (10+years of best friendship and 8+ years of being life partners). But of course, for most of us, loving gets hard as disappointments and unmet expectations arise and you begin to lose sight of why you are together in the first place.

Few things I learned from our fights:

  • Know that love is not an emotion. It is a commitment. It is saying yes to each other even when you feel like killing each other. Lol. But seriously, that’s true!
  • After a heated argument, we should let each other breathe, settle our respective emotions, calm down, and set a time to come together to talk about what happened.
  • Let the other finish talking without interruption as the other one listens, and vice-versa.
  • Agree to disagree.
  • Say sorry when you know in your heart you are at fault.
  • Accept your partner’s apology and forgive.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them and communicate better next time.

These are the things we did and continue to do whenever we have heated arguments and disagreements.

I’m happy to announce though that since the start of 2022, we never had a fight anymore, at least not like those in 2021. I think we really did become good at communicating our thoughts and feelings without resorting to breakups and heated fights, hence, finally deciding to get married to solidify our commitment to our life together, til death do us part. ❤

Til my next post!


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