Valentus Coffee

Valentus Coffee Review [Here’s Why I Decided to Stop After Only 1 Cup]

This is not supposed to be my next blog post after I took a little break from blogging because of the many exciting things happening to me in my professional and personal life. I actually am preparing myself to write and blog some more which was why I ordered Valentus Coffee in the first place, to give me more energy so I can squeeze in more tasks in my super busy schedule. But then this was what happened. I was just supposed to post this on Facebook but the post got long so I thought why not just turn it into a blog post, that way people who are wondering about Valentus Coffee could read about my experience and it might help them make an informed decision about whether to buy or not this slimming coffee product.

Here goes…

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Green Coffee

How to Make Green Coffee Bean Drink for Weight Loss

Before I share with you how to drink your green coffee beans, let me give you a background first how our coffee at Tuscany Highlands Organic Farm came to be. I mentioned in my previous post that coffee is one of those products we are growing and harvesting at the farm this year.

But even before we started setting up Tuscany Highlands way back in Sept. 2017, coffee has always been grown here for more than 40 years. It is originally Mahal’s parents’ farm after all (it still is), and we have just begun developing it to include mushrooms, strawberries, corn, and other vegetables if the weather and natural water supply will permit it. You can read more about how farm life came to be here.

Every year, harvest is done at least twice. Well, actually Excelsa coffee bears fruit once a year but Mahal’s farmlands are quite vast that not all trees are harvested all at the same time so it seems like the harvest is done twice a year. People are hired to harvest the coffee beans which are then laid down on the ground to dry, then put into sacks, and brought to the milling station to be milled. From there, they are sold by the tons to ready buyers. It’s a simple process with fairly profitable returns.

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