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How to Make Green Coffee Bean Drink for Weight Loss

Before I share with you how to drink your green coffee beans, let me give you a background first how our coffee at Tuscany Highlands Organic Farm came to be. I mentioned in my previous post that coffee is one of those products we are growing and harvesting at the farm this year.

But even before we started setting up Tuscany Highlands way back in Sept. 2017, coffee has always been grown here for more than 40 years. It is originally Mahal’s parents’ farm after all (it still is), and we have just begun developing it to include mushrooms, strawberries, corn, and other vegetables if the weather and natural water supply will permit it. You can read more about how farm life came to be here.

Every year, harvest is done at least twice. Well, actually Excelsa coffee bears fruit once a year but Mahal’s farmlands are quite vast that not all trees are harvested all at the same time so it seems like the harvest is done twice a year. People are hired to harvest the coffee beans which are then laid down on the ground to dry, then put into sacks, and brought to the milling station to be milled. From there, they are sold by the tons to ready buyers. It’s a simple process with fairly profitable returns.


the process of harvesting coffee IN PICTURES

Green Coffee

We would hire people to harvest our coffee. On this particular image, this was the time our farm OJTs were tasked to harvest our coffee beans.

Green Coffee

Our farm OJTs would gather all the coffee beans harvested before drying them out in the open under the heat of the sun.

Green Coffee

A batch of coffee harvest drying out in the sun.

Green Coffee

Drying can take up to several weeks…

Green Coffee

The dried batches of coffee are then put into sacks to be brought to the milling station. At the milling station, ready buyers would already pay for the all the sacks they’re ordering.



You can watch a vlog I made where I toured my audience around the farm including the coffee forest.



However, since we have been posting about our coffee on social media lately, people have been asking if they can buy half a kilo or two for diet purposes. Honestly, when Mahal and I were still friends, he gave me a small sack of green coffee beans but I never really opened that sack. I’ve always been used to drinking either brewed coffee or instant coffee, the brown, roasted kind, so I never gave the green coffee much thought, until recently when people have been asking about buying some from us because they want to lose weight.

Then I thought, hey, I’ve been trying to lose weight too! I should probably set aside some unprocessed green coffee beans for myself so I can drink it too! The rest, we can sell to our friends or whoever might be interested to buy in small quantities.

So that’s what we are in the process of doing now. The milling process isn’t finished yet. The sacks of green coffee beans are still there in the milling station up in the mountains. We brought home some which I manually milled by hand (it was so hard! My nails chipped! Lol!) Then I collated the green coffee beans I manually milled. I was about to just boil the green coffee beans in mineral water, and filter the beans from the boiled water so I can drink the coffee when I remembered a customer asking me on our Facebook Page if he can grind the green coffee beans using a blender. I told him at that time that I honestly don’t know, maybe he could but to be sure I’ll do it myself when we get home from the farm.

So that’s what I did this evening…



If you want to know how you can drink green coffee beans, the unprocessed, whole, unroasted kind, you can just boil it in mineral water and drink the boiled, filtered water after. Or you can do what I did below:

1. Get a scoop or two of whole green coffee beans.

Green Coffee

2. Put it in a blender and grind it to your satisfaction.

Green Coffee

3. Put the ground green coffee beans in the coffee brewer.

Green Coffee

Green Coffee

4. Put the desired amount of water (3 cups for me)

Green Coffee

5. Brew the ground green coffee

Green Coffee

Green Coffee


Green Coffee

Drink as is or you can add sugar, cream or milk, cinnamon, lemon, or for some of you on keto diet, you can add butter (just like in the Bulletproof coffee diet).



Coffee, especially green coffee, must be taken with care especially if this is your first time. It is more acidic than the roasted kind because it has more chlorogenic acids. This compound is believed to have more antioxidant effects, helps lower blood pressure, and helps you lose weight.

Roasting coffee beans reduces its chlorogenic acid content that’s why green coffee beans are healthier than the brown roasted kind.



It’s best to take it 30 minutes after breakfast or 30 minutes either before or after lunch or 2 hours before bedtime.



If you’re interested to order some from us, we sell it at P250.00 per kilo plus LBC shipping fee.

Below are the rates of LBC. For Cash on Delivery:

  • KILO BOX MINI  (maximum of 1Kg – up to two bottles kasya) – P170
  • KILO BOX SMALL (maximum of 3Kg – up to 7 bottles kasya) – P215
  • KILO BOX MEDIUM (maximum of 5Kg – up to 12 bottles kasya) –  P405

Just message us here, or on our Facebook Farm Page.

Enjoy your green coffee! Cheers!


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