Going Limitless — Thoughts About Building Businesses and Life We Love

Yesterday morning, before the trip to the farm, Mahal and I had a talk. I told him I was feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s been going on. We are still in the beginning stages of the farm even if it’s already been more than a year since we started setting it up. That’s coz farming is so dependent on the weather, the availability of “ingredients” for the mushroom fruiting bags, the people we hire and fire, the availability of water in the natural spring, etc. We haven’t yet really fully set it up, and we’re already thinking of setting up another business in Oslob — a bar — to complement their existing mini resort, Oslob New Village


How to Go Limitless? Here’s How You Start…


1. Talk it out

I told him, can he/we really afford to spread our energies too thinly? Shouldn’t we be delving deep into farming first rather than going wide into other opportunities?

Tuscany Highlands Organic Farm

This year, we are focusing on growing mushrooms, strawberries and coffee. Vegetables will take a backseat because of the lack of water supply in the mountains.

We talked and talked and taaaalked.

We know we shouldn’t limit ourselves but at the same time, we shouldn’t also be half-baked in the endeavors we’re pursuing.

Be limitless


2. Have the right state of mind.

The solution? Proper mind setting. Proper delegation. Proper duplication.

We have a new hire at the farm. He has been with us for only a few months but so far, he is exhibiting a sense of responsibility and integrity that we didn’t see in our previous farm helpers despite the fact that those previous farm helpers have been with Mahal’s family for generations. He is not only farm helper material, but he is also a farm manager material. And should he continue to help us, it looks like we will be able to delegate to him major farm responsibilities like overseeing all the work, hiring and supervising other people. And when that’s in place, then we can go to Oslob and start setting up the “bar”.

It won’t be helpful if we keep feeling pity about the fact that we keep getting the wrong people for the job. Instead of feeling frustrated and defeated about it, we can reframe our thoughts and see it as the journey we need to take to find the right person who can really help us. Grit and patience are the keys to success. We can’t quit now. When the going gets tough, the tough has to get going.

Oslob New Village

This is Mahal’s Oslob New Village, a mini resort in Oslob. It’s so quiet at night that’s why we thought of setting up a bar to make the place more festive. What do you think?


3. Continue pursuing your passions.

Consequently, I am also in the process of pursuing things I love. I love my VA biz and I’ve just recently accepted another client, the 5th one. I’ve also just been accepted as part of the CDO Bloggers group which would most likely entail more blogging and “going out of my comfort zone” activities for me.

CDO Bloggers Group

This was the other day during my interview with the officers of the CDO Bloggers Group. I got this photo from Judy Teves, CDO Bloggers’ VP for External Affairs. We had a feast and got to tour Seda Hotel as well. I’ll have a separate blog post about that next week.


4. Continue improving your knowledge and craft.

I’ve also been attending local seminars (free DTI seminars the past three weeks and this Saturday, a paid ICT seminar for freelancers).

DTI seminar

This was during the DTI Seminar on Copyright.

DTI seminar

This was during the DTI seminar on Patent.

I’m finishing and reviewing as well several courses and books from MindValley, Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez, Jon Orana, T Harv Eker to name a few. I just want to get better and better at what I’m doing, albeit slowly, but surely. Do search for these people and you’ll find so many resources about their teachings on personal development. Check out pdfdrive.com to search for their books for FREE!


5. Apply what you learned and celebrate small successes

I still have other small business plans in the “idea stage” and hopefully, I can start realizing them before this year ends. We’ll see. If you know Marie Forleo, I’m what she calls multi-passionate, that’s why.

So after this looong talk I had with Mahal, I felt much better. My worries floated away and I had this renewed sense of excitement about everything we want to accomplish.

And because of these things, I’ve also been more mindful about my health. We rarely eat meat these days, we mostly eat veggies, fruits and fish (You have to eat fruits first before anything else to aid proper digestion). We exercise (in fact, we just joined plogging last Earth Week). We meditate. We want to be healthier for the things we want to accomplish. We are 40-year-old parents to a hyperactive 3-year-old boy, after all. We have to keep up with our son’s energy levels. Lol!


As much as possible, we eat healthily and join in fitness and eco-related activities.

And I think I am losing a bit of weight. Those dresses that I don’t wear anymore, they suddenly fit me, yey! Like this attire, which I wore during the CDO Bloggers meeting in Seda. ^_^

Sexy Momma


Anyway, I just want to let that out before I blog about my travels and other activities.

Thank you, if you’re reading this. I do feel much better.  I hope I was able to inspire you to live your purpose and start becoming limitless as well. ❤ ❤ ❤


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