How to Celebrate Major Holidays During a Pandemic: Halloween Feature + a Guide

In case I havenโ€™t said it enough, Halloween is my most favorite time of the year! So we celebrated it in a major way the past month. Maybe because I feel like Iโ€™m still a Wiccan at heart (I used to cast spells, call out spirit guides, and share my experiences in my old Wiccan blog), but more importantly, for some reason, I turn into a child-like nymph whenever Halloween is around the corner! Teehee. Suffice it to say that Iโ€™d like to celebrate it for as long as I can, even after itโ€™s over. Haha! So this blog post here is my last attempt to still hold on to it. After I publish this, my next blog posts will be about other aspects of my life like Tuzโ€™s exciting 5th birthday, our everyday life, travels, Christmas, etc.

Before the pandemic, and as far as I can remember, during Halloween, I used to go out, attend costume parties, and even host events during Halloween. Itโ€™s the most magical time of the year for me and doing those things really made me happy! I know itโ€™s hard now that we are living in this new normal but it is still possible. I made it possible, and I will continue to make it possible. Haha! Watch my Halloween vlog below:

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Iโ€™ve been wanting to watch (for the nth time) one of my most favorite movies of all time โ€” UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN โ€” for several days now as a prelude to a perfect weekend I expect to have with my family at the farm. Iโ€™ve been so busy with work (and bloggingโ€ฆ ha!) that I havenโ€™t found the time until a few hours ago when Mahal arrived from his DTI class and we decided to watch it together.

When I first watched it almost 16 years ago in 2003, I felt like I have already resonated with this movie on so many different levels even if the particulars were still unbeknownst to me at that time.

Years passed and Iโ€™d still watch it when I feel sad; when I feel inspired; when I want to be inspired; when I feel happyโ€ฆ basically no matter what my mood is. I just tear up with this movie no matter how many times Iโ€™ve already watched it and it always makes me feel like everything is alright with the world after indulging myself with its heartwarming story.

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baby shower

How Can Introverts Have Baby Showers?



Around Halloween last year, I was on my last few weeks of pregnancy. Baby Tuz was about to be welcomed to our little family and of course, we couldn’t be any happier and we wanted to celebrate it!

You might not believe it but I I actually googled the phrase “How Can Introverts Have Baby Showers?” Lol! I was to become a first time mom then and I’ve only attended two baby showers in my lifetimeย (one was for Irene and it was just over lunch among her 4 girlfriends back in early 2000 and the second one was ย for Jem 3 years ago organized by her friends). Continue reading