Farm Life Update – Another Peek Into What It’s Like Living in a Farm

Hello everyone! We arrived safely at the farm around 4:30AM EST (which is 4:30 PM Philippine time.) I was sleeping for most of the 2-hour ride because I haven’t had any decent sleep the previous night. I woke up about 15 minutes away from the farmhouse because Mahal was complaining that he couldn’t see a thing while driving. When I opened my eyes, everything around us was color white! It was so creepy! I was jolted out of slumber and I told mahal to stop the car! We don’t want to hit any cow or anything that might be on the way. The fog was so thick it felt like being in a dream… or a nightmare. Remember that alien movie with the thick fog… THE MIST? It felt like that! Lol!

Mahal kept driving, albeit slowly, so we can get to the part where the fog wasn’t so thick anymore… I took a few pictures around and noticed that my phone had LTE signal so I immediately shared it to my Facebook. A few meters after that, my LTE signal was gone.

thick fog

The first few hours at the farmhouse, I dedicated to cleaning our bedroom and lounge. Mahal was just here last Friday but it seemed like he hasn’t been here for a few weeks because of how much dust has already settled. Or my guess is, he didn’t do any cleaning at all while he was here. Our 2 male farm helpers’ tasks do not involve cleaning the 2nd floor of the farmhouse where we live, they just take care of the mushroom growing house, the incubation area, the planting and harvesting so yeah, I pretty much did all the cleaning. I bought a new canopy for our bed so I took out the old white one (which now has holes in them because Tuz kept tugging and pulling it) and replaced it with new light pink one I bought at Unitop before.

canopy bed

I was so tired by 7am EST (7pm Philippine time)  that I didn’t anymore have any meals and went straight to sleep. I woke up half past midnight (12 PM EST) and so did Tuz. It’s 5PM now which is 5AM in the Philippines and the view of the sun rising from a distance is quite nice. I missed this!


I’m thinking whether to continue this blog post or to do my morning walk with Tuz like I promised myself we’d do. It’s just sooo cold I need to wear 3 layers of clothes again which always happens whenever we’re here.

morning walk


Okay, so we went for a walk and after an hour, I’m back here in front of my computer. There’s still no internet signal so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post this.

Earlier, I started organizing thousands of photos I’ve accumulated over a few months which I haven’t had the time to organize yet. I happen to open the album of farmhouse design photos I got fom Pinterest and I started dreaming again about building a proper farm cottage here.  When I did my morning walk around the farm, I just suddenly felt so overwhelmed, again. And when I’m overwhelmed, I tend to lean towards the not-so-positive side of things like thinking “When we’ll be able to have the budget to build a proper cottage here when all our money goes back to mushroom production? Next budget will go to the vegetable beds. Next budget will go to corn planting. Next budget will go to planting more chili peppers…” But I can’t allow myself to be swallowed by worry and negativity. Life is still good and it’s always wise to live within or below your means. Mahal and Tuz are happy which makes me happy too, in a way. We have more than enough for our basic needs. We have a little money saved up for the rainy days. We have different sources of income. I will soon be annulled. We don’t have millions in our bank account but what we have right now is enough. It should be enough.

We did promise that this year, we will focus on producing more mushrooms. Hence, everything else around the farm is taking the last priority. Last month, when I went here with Mahal, the vegetable beds have grown so many weeds I ended up feeling overwhelmed that I wasn’t able to plant in the nursery. I redecorated our 2nd-floor lounge instead. At least, it’s something that I know I can take care of given the limited time I had. The whole month that I didn’t get to visit, I asked Mahal to ask our farm helpers to clean my shed and weed my vegetable beds so when I come back I can feel inspired to plant again. I really can’t work well when my surroundings are such a mess. I usually would just clean the mess, but I couldn’t if the mess looks too big to handle. So I asked them to do it. I’m OC and bossy like that, lol.

This morning, I saw that my shed has been cleaned and organized and there are 3 raised beds they prepared for me so I can plant again. I’m so happy about it.  I’ll go down and do my thing as soon as I publish this. 

Little farm shed

My old shed where I plant my seeds.

vegetable beds

3 raised veggie beds, weee!

I plan to cut my lavender so I can grow more from cuttings. Last summer, my lavender looked so healthy! We bought this almost a year ago at Gaston Park in Cagayan de Oro City. Now that it’s been raining here in the mountains and weeds have been growing so fast everywhere, my lavender looks like it’s dying! Mahal said since he took out the weeds surrounding it last week, the leaves started sprouting again. So I’m going to do my cuttings later to propagate more lavender.



I noticed that my 1 1/2-year-old herbs are still alive! I’m so happy about it. I’ll do some more cuttings of these too so I can propagate them some more…







I haven’t been to our strawberry beds and the dragonfruit area yet because they’re a bit far from the farmhouse and I would have to cross a land full of weeds. That’s another thing that we need to take care of — those pesky tall grasses and weeds. Mahal’s farmlands are 8 hectares in total, and we haven’t even cleaned the weeds of 1/8 of it. We’ll probably hire a tractor to plow the lands when the time comes that we’ll be planting corn and chili peppers. For now, first things first. Priority… priority.

But I did check some plants we planted before…


This is the lemon tree I rooted from seed last year!

Lemon tree

This is another one of the lemon trees I rooted from seed last year!



Our kale is one year old this month! We’ve been getting our kale supplies from this set of seeds we grew last year. So happy they keep giving us leaves! And yes, we need to weed its bed too.


Some seedlings I found outside my shed — Strawberry seedlings which Mahal has yet to put in their bed and Narra seedlings which Mahal bought from his DTI classmate


One of my Avocado seedlings! Look how tall it has grown!


Remember that Kangkong (Chinese Spinach) which I grew from a cutting in our kitchen for the #GreenCDO advocacy? It grew! So happy about it!


We planted sibujing recently. It’s like onion but it’s not. Can’t wait to see how this will turn out!

Pine Tree

We bought some pine tree seedlings last year and they’re growing now.

So, yep, planting more seeds and cuttings would be the bulk of my weekend activity.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday if you’re in Asia and enjoy the rest of your evening if you’re from the West.

See you tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Farm Life Update – Another Peek Into What It’s Like Living in a Farm

  1. kpatrickon says:

    This reminds me of my banana garden I abandoned. Hopefully, I think I will go back to it. But just wondering…. You mean you wrote this and published it in one day… Just one day???


    • MomTraNeur says:

      Hi, yes, I think I spent 2-3 hours writing and publishing this. It’s easy when it’s not about my travels. Travel posts usually require 24 hours because of the many photos I have to go through and curate, and sometimes I need to take more research about certain places. 😉


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