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REAL TALK: Tiny Pad Tour And Business Update In This Time Of Pandemic

THIS IS AS REAL AS I CAN GET! This was an unplanned rant and rave video. I was testing a camera app I downloaded to my 7-year old Samsung Note 3 which I also had repaired and this was the unexpected result of that test. Pardon all my fats, pls! Lol! 😆😆😆

I also realized how verbose I can be! I never knew myself to be this talkative! I can go on months without talking to someone (yep, introvert here) but once I start talking with no one trying to stop me, I can go on, and on, and on.. hahaha! THIS IS ME IN THE MIDST OF THIS PANDEMIC! How about you??? How are you???

Anyway, here are the links of the topics mentioned in my monologue.

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Random Thoughts of a 40-Year Old Mom

So it’s Day 2 of my 30-day blog challenge which I hope to turn into a daily routine for as long as I live. (The first day of this challenge was yesterday) I’ve only slept 4 hours because baby Tuz woke me up to have his diapers changed and I couldn’t anymore sleep after that.

I think one effect of doing this challenge is that I have something I love that I am now looking forward to in my day. It’s not just work-eat-sleep anymore (long version: take care of Tuz-chores-work-feeling a bit empty and lonely coz Mahal is at the farm during weekdays-cook-social media-watch videos-sleep). I am now actually adding a bit of excitement to my day by thinking about what to write next and then actually writing down my thoughts.

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Thoughts of 39-Year Old Mom About Her Dreams, Regrets and More…

Since we got back from a very long road trip, life has been back to normal. And by normal I mean, very busy being full-time, stay-at-home parents to our 18-month old toddler, Tuz. We’ve gotten back to our natural body clock which is on U.S. Time Zone (I swear, it keeps going back to this time zone for no apparent reason at all!) and we’ve quite settled into our new routine:

  1. Wake up before or after midnight.
  2. Fix bed.
  3. Prepare breakfast/brunch.
  4. Do chores.
  5. Let Tuz play in the rubber pool.
  6. Bathe together.
  7. Dress up.
  8. Go out for errands or food at dawn.
  9. Work.
  10. Provide more activities for Tuz.
  11. Prep meals.
  12. Do other chores.
  13. Wind down.
  14. Sleep before noon or after.

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travel with baby

How to Travel with a Baby? (A 2016 Travel Recap)

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

I took an almost month-long break from blogging to enjoy the first month of the new year. I didn’t work as much, I had some legal stuff to take care of and we headed to exciting adventures as a family. Now that the Chinese New Year has just ended, we’re back home concretizing our new plans and new adventures for 2017. It’s gonna be exciting!

New year, new set of goals and travel plans. Yey! Like I said, we just started traveling again, hence, the super busy schedule we now have — juggling parenthood, business plans, work and leisure. But before I share with you about our current adventures, I want to do a recap first of the travels we did last year through this blog post of knowing how to travel peacefully and enjoyably with a baby. Plus, I still want to share with you one by one those places we visited before that I still haven’t published yet (to be done on some future blog posts). But first things, first…

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Postpartum Depression and Motherhood


I first published this post on my previous blog on Dec. 10, 2015, 3 weeks after I gave birth. Now, it’s been almost 9 months since our little angel was born but there are still days when I look at his handsome little face and I’m just filled with disbelief and awe at how I ever became a mother. The road leading here wasn’t easy and how my life changed since then… and just like the theme of this blog post, I am once again having feelings of sadness. Maybe it’s because of the monsoon season our country is experiencing for several days now. We’ve been cooped up inside the house even last weekend because of the bad weather and the out of town anniversary celebration we were planning didn’t push through. Maybe it’s just hormones… post partum depression? Whatever it is, I hope that blogging about it will somehow lessen this melancholy I’m feeling.

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Momtraneur is Born and It All Starts with Building Good Habits


All these years, as I was publishing post after post on my several blogs tackling different topics from travels to food to planting vegetables, doing crafts, to dream interpretation, Wiccan stuff , books I’ve read and self-help advice, I was cooking up this idea in my head of having just one platform FOR ALL OF MY VIRTUAL SELVES (hihihi) where I can share my life, my knowledge, things I do, what I think about, tips and tricks I’ve developed all these years (and more still on the way) so I can inspire other people to build a life they love too. For most women, myself included, it is to be able to balance family, work and leisure and enjoy this life we’ve all been given. After all, we only have one life to live and being as short as it is, we ought to live it fully the way we want to live it — worry-free, fulfilling and happy (whatever that exactly means for each one of you). Like me, I am worry-free when I have enough money in the bank to cover all of my monthly expenses plus a little bit more for some luxury, savings and investments. I am fulfilled when I am doing something I love. I am happy when my family is safe and healthy. For you, being worry-free, fulfilled and happy might entail a different scenario (Traveling the world, perhaps? Becoming the next president? How about building your own business?)  but you all get what I mean, right? Continue reading