Random Thoughts of a 40-Year Old Mom

So it’s Day 2 of my 30-day blog challenge which I hope to turn into a daily routine for as long as I live. (The first day of this challenge was yesterday) I’ve only slept 4 hours because baby Tuz woke me up to have his diapers changed and I couldn’t anymore sleep after that.

I think one effect of doing this challenge is that I have something I love that I am now looking forward to in my day. It’s not just work-eat-sleep anymore (long version: take care of Tuz-chores-work-feeling a bit empty and lonely coz Mahal is at the farm during weekdays-cook-social media-watch videos-sleep). I am now actually adding a bit of excitement to my day by thinking about what to write next and then actually writing down my thoughts.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been a diarist. I had this cute little notebook and I wrote anything and everything that comes to my mind (usually about boys! hahaha). And when I became an adult, I started writing on Geocities, then on Friendster, then on i.ph, then on Blogspot and now, here on my WordPress blog.

Writing is cathartic for me. I guess that’s one thing that has been missing in my life since Tuz became a toddler. When he was just a baby, it was so easy to just let him sleep for most of the day that’s why I still get to have some free time to do my stuff. When he became a pre-toddler and started crawling all over the place, and now a toddler who is so hyperactive, I couldn’t afford to let him be for fear of him getting into some kind of accident, or worse, not helping him develop the way he’s supposed to develop. I am actually sometimes guilty of working too much that I catch myself getting conscious of not teaching Tuz the alphabet or the numbers or stuff that 2-year-old kids are supposed to know. But thank God that he is such a bright and hyperactive boy. He loves to dance and run around and play with his toys.

He also always takes the initiative to read his books or play interactive games and I think that’s where he learns what he knows. Mahal and I get surprised every time he’d tell us things that we never taught him. And we are amazed when other moms commend our kid for being able to identify and recite the alphabet, numbers, fruits, animals, plants, etc. because some kids his age can’t even speak yet. As for Tuz, he is very talkative! Since he was a baby, he actually babbles every chance he gets especially before he falls asleep. Now that he can speak and form phrases and simple sentences, he recites all the words, names of people and objects, numbers and phrases he knows before he sleeps! It’s like having a broken record playing in the background and Mahal and I are forever thankful to God and the universe for giving us such a bright boy!

Ang parents gusto na maglamyerda, ang bata gusto pa magbasa. Anak, 2 years old ka pa lang, mag-enjoy ka muna! 😂😂😂 (That time we decided not to go inside Ogtong Cave yet dahil almost 4pm na. Ayun, nag-spelling na lang ang bata. 😂😂😂)


Anyway, I know I’m babbling here. As I said, I will blog every single day for 30 days (and hopefully every day after that) about whatever comes to my mind. And today, it’s just about these little thoughts I have about our life and our toddler.

Mahal is coming home tonight from the farm (yey!), a day earlier than expected. Then on Saturday and the rest of the weekend, Mahal will bring us to the farm coz our people will be going home in preparation for Monday’s election (Nang Nanda’s son is running for councilor) and we can’t leave the farm unattended. So, no special Mother’s Day celebration this year because of this. It’s kind of bad timing but I already made my peace with it. I was expecting that there would be something special for me to do but after crying about it (I am sensitive like that), I let go of my expectation and choose to see the gift that it brings — all three of us will be together doing something I’ve been missing so for that I am thankful. I still haven’t finalized our itinerary yet but basically I want to be able to enjoy the farm again, go camping for a bit, hike in the mountains, bathe in the stream, plant some vegetable seeds, and at night, I want us to start chronologically watching the 18 Marvel movies leading to Infinity War. I am really excited about that! Speaking of Infinity War, we tried watching it last weekend. Unfortunately, the cinema guy didn’t let us buy tickets coz they don’t allow kids below 5 years old. Poor Tuz. #NotMeant Lol!

So anyway, those are my thoughts for now. I’ll try to have a more streamlined set of blog posts these coming days but I guess it’s also nice to just let my thoughts out like this once in a while. After all, aside from Tuz and Mahal, I’m alone most of the week when we’re not traveling. I have almost zero social life (last time I spoke to someone else aside from my two boys was last week when my best friend Mer invited us to go swimming… oh and last weekend when we delivered our product MUSHROOM CHILI PASTE to our friends).

My social life is mostly my little family. It’s not my nature to be talkative too or to reach out to people (typical introvert) so even if people would chat me up online, I simply choose not to reply unless it’s something important.

Oh wait, I hear our car parking outside… Gotta go now. Mahal just arrived, yey!

Til tomorrow!


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