As J. Lo wrote in her inner circle newsletter โ€œOn the JLO: โ€œLife is an artโ€ฆ and we are the artistsโ€ฆ make it as beautiful as you want and create it exactly as you want it to beโ€ฆโ€ โค โค โค 

Growing up, I never really had a clear vision of what getting engaged and getting married should be like for me. I remember attending very few weddings during my childhood and teens and it always left me with feelings of lack and sadness coz I felt like I can never have that kind of wedding. My automatic negative thoughts were: “Iโ€™m too poor to be able to afford that.” “That will never happen for me”โ€ฆ etc. True enough, you attract what you think. Despite the amount of money Iโ€™ve had in my early adult years, I never had that kind of engagement nor wedding. 

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