Law of Attraction – How to Apply It

Law of Attraction.

Like attracts like.

I’ve just been speaking with someone from Chicago and I had such a great time! Turns out that she’s into Reiki healing, Tarot card reading, meditation, Third Eye, Feng Shui and all those seemingly supernatural stuff which I am into as well. And her positive energy just rubbed off on me! How did I ever get to attract this amazing person?

I shared with you on my previous blog post about postpartum depression and motherhood that I was feeling melancholic and sad again. And of course who wants to feel that way? I just want that negative feeling to stop.

So, as per my usual practice, I forced myself to focus on the good things in my life and all the blessings we’ve been having — I meditated about the fact that we are all generally healthy and well, that Baby Tuz is his usual bouncing baby happy self, that we live in a place that is not affected by the floods and landslides that we’ve been seeing in the news because of the monsoon season, that we are eating right, that we’re all always together safe and warm right here at home, that all our basic needs are met, that bills are paid, etc. And little by little, I started to feel good about myself and about my life once again.

happy familyForcing myself to see the good when all my heart wanted to do was cry about the bad is not an easy thing to do. But it must be done because all the self-help books I read before said that sadness gives birth to more sadness. They’re like rats. If you don’t eradicate them, before you know it, you have a whole bunch of rats running around your house. And that is not good. So that’s what I did. Every idle time I had, I meditated on the good. The universe does not know how we feel. All it knows is that whatever we’re feeling and carrying inside of us, the universe will just give us more of it. We feel bad? It’ll give us more things to feel bad about. We feel good? It will throw us more opportunities to feel good about.

The moment I started to feel better, indeed, good things started coming my way as well, like meeting this very positive person from Chicago, albeit via Skype, offering and teaching me opportunities that I need right now which I am very thankful for. And I feel that as long as I keep these good feelings inside of me, more good things will keep coming too.

Coz like attracts like.

Coz that’s how the law of attraction works.

And I’m thankful.


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