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Seda Centrio Hotel in Cagayan de Oro – Misto Restaurant Food Offerings, Hotel Rooms, Promos, and More!

It wasn’t a long time ago when I brought my family to Seda Centrio Hotel here in Cagayan de Oro City for an overnight stay and to celebrate the New Year. Has it been 4 months already since then? It felt like it was only yesterday. Where did the time go?  Time does quickly pass by when you are oh so busy and having fun!!!

And have I told you that the first few months of this year has been like a roller coaster of a ride for me which was why we jet-setted to Boracay for more than 2 weeks?!

Thank God, April has been a blessing and May looks very promising.

So this blog post will be all about Seda Centrio Hotel, my recent visit there for the CDO Blogger’s GTKY Event (which was sponsored by Seda Centrio), and my family’s overnight stay there last New Year’s (which was not sponsored by Seda Centrio).

Seda Centrio

Photo taken last New Year’s at Seda Centrio’s 4th floor lobby.



We have stayed in many hotels here in Cagayan de Oro City since time immemorial and I must say that Seda Centrio Hotel is one of those few that I would always want to come back to because of their superior customer service, very lovely amenities, and scrumptious food. And no, I’m not paid to say this. I wish I was! Lol! But everything that I will say about Seda Centrio Hotel here is from the bottom of my grateful heart. ❤

Seda Centrio Club Room

We stayed at their Club Room.

And now, here I was again a week ago for my CDO Bloggers interview here at Seda Hotel.

Seda Centrio

A selfie at Seda’s swimming pool area that time they toured the CDO bloggers around.

When Mommy Ruby Caberte (President of  CDO Bloggers Group) announced on FB that the venue of the interview for the CDO Bloggers applicants will be at Seda Centrio, I didn’t hesitate to confirm my attendance because I loved it the first time I stayed there and I always felt like it’s nice to come back again.

Seda Centrio

Got this photo from VP External – Judy Teves, thank you! This was taken during our CDO Bloggers GTKY Event.

It was a meeting of the best bloggers the City of Golden Friendship has to offer. I used to just see their posts online and then there I was meeting these amazing people behind the group —

CDO Bloggers at Seda Centrio

This was taken at the 4th floor lobby of Seda Centrio. In the middle is Ms. Angela Grace A. Pupos, Seda’s Communications Officer. Thank you, Mommy Ruby, for the picture!

It was also lovely meeting my fellow CDO Blogger applicants:

It was truly an honor to be there! I’ve been blogging since Geocities (year 2000-2002), Friendster days (2002-2006), SexyNomad days (2006-2016) and I’ve never been part of any blogger group even when I was so actively attending blogger events back in Manila. This is the first time I thought of trying to be a part of something wonderful and I’m glad I did it here in Cagayan de Oro City, my second home, where I practically grew up.

CDO Bloggers at Seda Centrio

This was taken at the 4th floor lobby of Seda Centrio. In the middle is Ms. Carol V. Valdez, Seda’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Again, thank you, Mommy Ruby for the picture!

Being an introvert, it takes time for me to feel comfortable around people. But when I entered the Meeting Room and saw them all there, I immediately felt comfortable (or maybe the MBTI test result I had before was right in saying that I am both an introvert and an extrovert, lol) . And true enough, they were all so friendly and nice! I’m happy and honored to be part of this group, truly CDO’s friendliest! I hope to exude this kind of vibe too. ❤



As our meeting was going on, we were served with delectable dishes from their Executive Lunch Sets, Perfect Pairs and Platters. These are their latest food offerings at their very posh Misto Restaurant.

SEda Centrio Executive Lunch Sets


Check out the food they served us!



(Available Mondays-Fridays, 11:00am – 2:00pm, Php499)

Indulge in a 3-course menu made up of market-fresh ingredients that combine the most appetizing repast.

Menu: Salad, Choice of one soup, choice of one main

Salad: Caesar Salad

Soup: Aji Spiced Pumpkin Soup or MUshroom Soup

Mains: Roasted Peruvian Chicken, Lechon Kawali, Calamansi Fried Chicken, Grilled Tangigue or Mushroom Risotto




(Available Daily; Rates are inclusive of service charge and applicable local taxes)



Suds & Sides – A platter of Chicharon Bulaklak, Bone Marrow, Sous Vide Beef Tendon, Lechon Kawali and complimentary 6 bottles of beer

PHP 1,100 nett



Meat and Cheese Plate – An assorted selection of Parma Ham, Salami Milano, Salami Picante, Smoked Salmon, Manchego Cheese, Parmesan, Blue Cheese, Gouda Cheese served with dried figs and apricot, nuts, pickles, and green apple served with 4 glasses of red or white wine.

PHP 1,500 nett





BBQ Ribs, Lechon Kawali, Bone Marrow, and choice of Fried, Peruvian or Inasal chicken

PHP 1,699 nett



BBQ Ribs, choice of Fried, Peruvian or Inasal chicken, grilled prawns and baked mussels

PHP 1,799 nett

Check out the pictures below for the prices. I got the photos from CDO Bloggers Group VP for Social Media – Paul Miki Sajulla. (Thank you!)


They all look so mouth-watering and delectable, right???!!! Check them out now if you’re in Cagayan de Oro!



When the CDO Bloggers Group meeting, interview, and dining were over, Ms. Angela Grace A. Pupos, Seda Centrio’s Communications Officer, toured us around.

Instead of showing you here the pictures I took during the tour, why don’t I just share here with you my actual experience at Seda Centrio Hotel when I stayed here with Mahal and Tuz last Dec. 31, 2018 to January 1, 2019 to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. By doing so, I think you’d have a better picture of what it would actually be like if you also book your stay here at Seda Centrio…

So, after our delightful Christmas stay at Luxe Hotel (which I have yet to blog about), I wanted something special, if not more, for my family come New Year’s Eve. We had no travel plans and we just wanted to celebrate the occasion here in Cagayan de Oro City. It must be law of attraction when I saw a promo online that Seda Hotel was going to have a New Year’s Party celebration inclusive of an overnight stay, buffet, live band, and gifts for about P8,000++ good for two and our toddler. It was perfect!!! The package was called New Year’s Eve Stay-in Package which I got for P8,500 via their online booking. I was aware that the seats were limited to only a number of guests so I immediately booked online and called them when I saw it!

Seda Centrio online booking

Seda Centrio online booking

I was so excited for New Year’s Eve because it’s been a long while since I last attended a party like this, perhaps when I was still an employee at GSIS Main Office way back 2007! And those rock and reggae music parties I frequented in my 20’s and 30’s don’t count! Lol! So, suffice it to say it’s been that long! Usually, during the holidays, I would just stay at home with my family with a ton of food. This time around, I wanted something different!




Seda Centrio Deluxe Room

If you’re visiting Cagayan de Oro City, try booking at Seda Centrio’s Deluxe Room. It’s complete with amenities you will love and it will make for a very comfortable stay, especially if it’s just a short one.

Seda Centrio Deluxe Room Amenities


Seda Centrio

As for us, the room we got at that time was a Club  Room. It’s 28 sqm; it offers exclusivity and a higher level of service by giving its guests Club Lounge access and benefits.

Seda Centrio Club Room Details


Seda Centrio Premier Room

I originally wanted to get Premier room because it is bigger (35sqm) but it was already fully booked. But no matter, the room was really nice.

Seda Centrio Premier Room Details

And whether you get Club Room or Premier Room, you will still get access to their Executive / Club Lounge.



According to Ms. Angela Grace A. Pupos, Seda’s Communications Officer, guests availing of either Club or Premier room will have access to their Executive Lounge on the 11th floor which was what I wanted.

Seda’s Executive Lounge is open from 6:00am to 9:00pm. It is an exclusive retreat for savvy and discerning travelers like us. It provides warm and cozy atmosphere, designed to blend with the guests’ business leisure and needs, with easy efficiency, allowing us to work in our own time and space.

And indeed it was! If you know me, I’m a workaholic. Even during vacations and travels, I still take care of my online work so this is really perfect for me and my family. I must admit though that I didn’t get to work at all during our stay here because, well, it was New Year’s Eve for crying out loud! We were there to relax and party! And relax and party we did!!!

And it all started by enjoying the Executive Lounge’s Services and Amenities:

AFTERNOON TEA from 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Check-in time was 2pm. We didn’t anymore have lunch at home because we were busy packing for this little trip. We got there a few minutes before 2 pm and we wanted to immediately make the most of it.

Seda Centrio Hotel

This was taken after we checked in.

After checking in and putting our stuff in our room, we immediately headed to their Executive Lounge to enjoy an afternoon tea.  They were serving cakes, sandwiches, slices of bread, fruit juices and soft drinks. One reason we didn’t have lunch was that we were also preparing our tummies for that evening’s buffet. But boy oh boy, were we so satiated with our afternoon tea! Yummmyyy!

SEda Centrio Executive Lounge

So many choices of snacks for our afternoon tea here at Seda!

EVENING COCKTAIL FROM 6:00pm to 8:00pm

I wanted to have some evening cocktails before heading to the party but I didn’t have time to dress up yet! And believe me when I say that it takes forever for me to get ready. So after I showered, and wearing only my robe (I was wearing panties, don’t worry, lol!), we went to have some cocktails. We were overwhelmed with all the scrumptious finger foods, cocktail drinks, fruit juices and other alcoholic beverages they were serving.

Seda Centrio Cocktail Hour

We tried a bit of everything like their cold cuts, hams, cakes, pieces of bread, cheeses, fruits, etc. and oh my goodness, were we full again after that!  We still had a buffet to go to so we had to stop. We were there for 2 hours, just enjoying the evening scenic view of the city below as we stationed ourselves by the window. It was really romantic!


Seda Centrio Executive Lounge

We had a jam-packed overnight stay as we enjoyed everything Seda Centrio has to offer including once again going to the Executive Lounge and getting some drinks in between all our other activities.


Seda Centrio Executive Lounge

I never got to use their iMac Station since I always have my MacBook with me. For those who would like to check their emails and surf the internet, this is perfect for you as it has Hi-Speed Access.


For Club and Premier Guests, you can also enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Complimentary pressing of one suit/dress upon arrival per guest per room
  • Complimentary late check-out until 2:00pm, subject to room availability.



Mahal and I are on a journey to better fitness and health so whenever we’d check in at a hotel with gym facilities, we would always pack our gym clothes.

Seda Centrio

And we were so glad Seda Centrio has a gym! We needed to burn all those calories we had from all their food offerings!

Seda Centrio Gym

Their gym is an exercise area for body conditioning, with a view of the pools. It is located at the 4th Level | Outdoor Area,  and is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.



My family loves to swim (if it isn’t obvious yet from all our beach travels). So it was really great that Seda Centrio has separate pools for adults and children overlooking the restaurant and its “al fresco” area.

Seda Centrio Swimming Pool Seda Centrio Swimming Pool Seda Centrio Swimming Pool Seda Centrio Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is located at the 4th Level | Outdoor Area, and is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.



I never got to use this because I didn’t have to. But if you’re a business traveler and you don’t want to miss any important stuff online, then this amenity is specifically designed for you.

Seda Centrio E-Lounge

Their modern business center with iMac stations is also at the 4th Level | Lobby Area, and is accessible 24 hours.



Their promo varies from time to time depending on the season. When we went there, they had the New Year’s Eve Stay-in Package promo which we really enjoyed!

Seda Centrio New Year's Stay-in Package

There was a live band playing; there were singing, dancing, unlimited food and drinks for all the guests at the buffet station, party hats, trumpets, party poppers and gifts!

Seda Centrio New Year's Stay-in Package

Mahal, Tuz and I really had fun we didn’t want the night to end! I was still wearing my new pair of glittery, girly shoes that night when we went to bed, lol!

Seda Centrio New Year's Stay-in Package

For this month of May, Seda Centrio has a Mother’s Day Promo which you might want to check out! I got these from their Facebook Page.

SEda Centrio Mother's Day Promo

SEda Centrio Mother's Day Promo SEda Centrio Mother's Day Promo

I’m telling you, their buffet offerings are really scrumptious! I gained a bit of weight after our stay there! Lol!

Seda Centrio Buffet

Buffet at Misto Restaurant



For inquiries and booking, contact them at:

For my social media posts about Seda, check out this hashtag: #DiscoverTheBestFeelingsInTheWorld 



CDO Bloggers Group is  featured In today’s issue of BusinessWeek Mindanao (May 15, 2019) #CDOBloggers #SedaCentrio #CDOBloggersXSedaCentrio#BestFeelingaInTheWorld #CDOsFriendliest #CDOBloggersGTKY#TheMeetingRoom #SedaHotels #SedaCentrioFoodPlatters

Business Week Features CDO Bloggers

Til my check blog post!


12 thoughts on “Seda Centrio Hotel in Cagayan de Oro – Misto Restaurant Food Offerings, Hotel Rooms, Promos, and More!

  1. CDO Mommy Blogger says:

    Wow! I can see that you and your family really had a grand time! Your smiles are all big from cheek to cheek! By the way, thank you for coming! I am really looking forward to spending more time with you guys! Again, welcome to CDO Bloggers Family!!!


    • MomTraNeur says:

      Thank you Mommy Ruby! Yes, our stay in Seda Hotel was really unforgettable and special. They really know how to make their guests feel so valued and I’m not just saying that, we really experienced it there. I’m looking forward to spending time with you and the rest of the CDO Bloggers! Thank you so much for the warmest welcome! ❤ ❤ ❤ See you soon, mommy Ruby! Excited ako sa coffee date that you're hosting. Kahit ako na manlilibre ng kape for you. :* :* :*


  2. Blairvillanueva says:

    I haven’t stayed at any SEDA hotels but because you recommend this in CDO, I am eager to try it very soon. We would like to explore CDO many this September.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MomTraNeur says:

      Oooohhh that’s nice! I’m sure you will enjoy your stay here! And have fun exploring CDO! You will love it! ❤


    • MomTraNeur says:

      Oh wow! Go go go Mommy Sigrid! I do miss Bacolod though! Hope to visit in time for the Masskara Festival. Last time I went was 2013 pa. ^_^


  3. Emma says:

    Wow! very detailed post! Seda owe you big time! 😉 . Super glad to have met you at the GTKY .. unfortunately I had to exit early. Loved the food offerings definitely! Hoping to spend one holiday at seda to just like you and your family did. 🙂


    • MomTraNeur says:

      Thank you, Em! Sabi nga ng partner ko, unpaid models kami ng Seda. Hahaha! But seriously, ok talaga service nila. May personal touch and feeling special ka. You will definitely enjoy it! ^_^


  4. Jareds_mum says:

    Any day or occasion is an excuse to whisk off the family for day or two of staycation. This looks like an awesome hotel. My little man will absolutely love the pool and I bet I would enjoy those scrumptious-looking dishes!


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