Boracay – Things to Do, Where to Eat, How Much to Spend PART 1/5

I don’t believe in work-life balance. For me, there is no such thing as this is work on one side, then there’s my life on the other side. Most of us work 8-10 hours a day, sometimes even more for those who are a workaholic like me or those who simply love their jobs and businesses. So, does that mean that we have no life? No way! Instead, I resonate more with the term “work-life blend”. I choose to live my life where everything I do is according to my own design. I love to work, I love to be with my family and we love to travel every chance we get. My work is my life and so is my family and everything we do together. That’s the work-life blend for me.

Anyway, I just have to say that out loud to give you a proper perspective on a digital nomad’s life like mine because, on this post, you will see what I actually do during so-called “vacations” and family trips.

You can read first my Boracay-related posts before you go ahead with this one. It will give you a more perfect picture of how I am able to visit Boracay almost every year for days and weeks at a time (which I’ve been doing since 2004).




Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with my post. This is going to be exciting! Coz every time I write about my travel experiences (or any experience for that matter), I feel like I am reliving those days. Teehee. This is also going to be a long post! So prepare some popcorn! Lol! I’ll divide this long post into 5 shorter ones, 3 days each. I’ve been doing this Part 1 post for 5 hours now because I had to sift through a ton of photos, resize them, put watermarks and upload them, that it’s going to take forever if I finish this all today!

Let’s go!

We did this 16-day Boracay vacation last summer. We traveled all the way from Cagayan de Oro to Boracay via Cokaliong Shipping Lines (do read my blog post about that too! Their boat looks like a hotel inside! — COKALIONG SHIPPING LINES – A REVIEW) and by the time we  landed on Boracay after almost a day of traveling, we were tired, but excited still to be in paradise.   

So, I’ll detail my post by day, what we did, and the expenses we incurred so you have a better idea of how you’ll also do your itinerary in case you want to stay in Boracay on a budget for days or even weeks at a time.

Let’s also set aside the budget for the accommodation. Let’s not include that anymore in the equation of our expenses per day. For our accommodation in Bonueva Homes, we spent P750/night for 15 nights. So that’s a total of P11,250.00. Plus, I gave a tip of P500 for the two teenagers who took care of our room the whole time. They were the son and daughter of the owners. ^_^



We enjoyed the beach, the sunset and had a really filling dinner somewhere near our place.

We arrived late in the afternoon like what I said in my Boracay Vlog. After we settled our things in our room at Bonueva Homes, we went out and just basically enjoyed the beach and the sunset.

It was our first night and like any sensible mom, I didn’t want to blow our budget way ahead of the game, haha. Plus, we were also tired from the long trip that we decided to sleep early that night. But before that,  we went to the usual branch of Andok’s we go to along the highway of Station 3 and just had our dinner there. FYI, Andok’s is one of those semi-fast-food joints that we go to whenever there’s a branch nearby because they cook really yummy Pork Sinigang. I don’t eat pork but if it’s Pork Sinigang from Andok’s I do. Hehehe. They also have this powdered ginger drink I super love! It always reminds me of home.

On the way back to our place, we enjoyed the beach at night. It’s so different from before the whole island was cleaned up by President Digong. It’s no longer as festive. The beach is peaceful and clean. Though there are still bars and restaurants offering live music and dancing, they were strictly doing it within their establishments and not anymore by the beach. In a way, I missed the old Boracay, but only for a minute. ^_^


BoracayBoracayBoracay BoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracay


  • Pork Sinigang – P86
  • Bicol Express – P89
  • Rice – P20 x 3 = P60
  • Ginger drink – P6.50 x 2 = P13





Trip to CityMall and the usual beach time.

The hostel we were staying at, Bonueva Homes, is located near several cafeterias and canteens (carenderia in local dialect). The one beside it is where we usually have our breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to CityMall to check it out. I was working earlier that morning when the mouse of my Macbook seemed wonky. I was thinking I should buy a new mouse! So we went to CityMall to see if they have a computer shop. We also did some grocery at Save More inside. Apparently, CityMall didn’t have a computer shop but thank God, we spotted one near our place and I was able to buy a mouse eventually.

I actually worked most of the time during this day. I didn’t take a leave from client work and because I didn’t get any work done during our commute from Cagayan de Oro to Boracay, I had to compensate for it by focusing on work first this day.

During my breaks, I went to the beach to see how my boys were doing. They spent most of their time playing in the sand and frolicking in the beach.


BoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracay Boracay


Breakfast at the carenderia

  • Fish Sinigang – P45
  • Pork Nilaga – P45
  • Rice – P10 x 3 = P30
  • Nips – P5
  • C2 – P15
  • Egg – P15 x 2 = P30

Visit to CityMall

  • Tricycle to CityMall P15 x 2 = P30 (although other drivers said it should have been P20 each)
  • Savemore Groceries – P1,041.50 (I used my credit card here)
  • Tricycle from Citymall to Emall – P20 x 2 = P40

Dinner at Andoks

  • Chopsuey – P86
  • Rice – P20 x 2 = P40
  • 7-11 siopao and ice cream – P59 + P25 = P84



  • P450 in cash
  • P1041.5 in credit card



Buffet Lunch at Hennan Crystal Sands Resort and a Long Walk to Willy’s Rock, Station 1, and Beyond.

The highlight of our Day 3 in Boracay was our buffet lunch at Hennan Crystal Sands Resort. We really made the most of our stay there. We went slowly with all their food offerings and basically just enjoyed our time, talking, managing Tuz’s tantrums during the early part of our lunch, and just simply hanging out together when Tuz was able to calm himself down (coz he still wanted to play by the beach under the heat of the noontime sun).

After that 3-hour lunch, we walked by the beach all the way to Station 1 and even beyond that. Everything we ate from our buffet lunch at Hennan got burned fast! Lol! That’s when we found out that Spider Cafe already closed down (we were there just the previous year, Summer of 2018). Too bad, I was thinking of ordering my favorite pizza and pasta because the long walk made us kind of hungry. At least, the view was nice. We caught a married couple having their pictorial.

Then, of course, we had to walk all the way back to Station 3. That was more than 4 kilometers of walking while also enjoying the breeze and the sunset. By the time we got back to our place, we were already feeling so tired and icky from all the sand and the salt. So after we bathed, we didn’t go out anymore and just had dinner in our room from the groceries we bought the previous day at Save More. I rested a bit. My boys slept early. I worked for a few more hours then went to sleep.


BoracayBoracayBoracay Boracay BoracayBoracayBoracay BoracayBoracayBoracay Boracay Boracay Boracay Boracay BoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracayBoracay


Breakfast at the carenderia

  • Sinigang na bangus – P45
  • Rice – P20 x 3 = P60
  • Egg – P15 x 2 = P30
  • Iced tea solo – P15
  • Escabeche – P45

Lunch buffet at Hennan Crystal Sands Resort – P585 x 2 = 1171.20 c/o Visa



  • P160 in cash
  • P1171.20 in credit card


For my Days 3-6, I’ll continue tomorrow! That’s enough beach reminiscing for today. Haha!



“Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy, or stupid. Those things are what happen when you don’t have a plan.” – Larry Winget


See you tomorrow!


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