Happy 3rd Anniversary to! A Thank You Post

Good morning from Bacolod! I have been traveling the past few days from Cagayan de Oro to Oslob, then Dumaguete, and now we’re in Bacolod — very hectic schedule! I’m squeezing some time in to update my blog before we go because I just realized now that today (July 25 in the Philippines) is a very special day!

It’s my blog’s 3rd anniversary today! Happy 3rd Birthday,! I have nothing special planned, nor did I come up with something amazing for my readers because I truly didn’t think that my blog would reach this milestone of now being on Top 1.3M of Alexa’s global engagement ranking and Top 5.5K in the Philippines which, a month ago, my rankings were just 6.5M and 21K respectively. Thank you, really, for finding my articles worth reading and for coming back here and even checking my old evergreen blog posts (I have a lot!) 


I went back to my very first blog post exactly 3 years ago… MOMTRANEUR IS BORN AND IT ALL STARTS WITH BUILDING GOOD HABITS and I’m happy to note that I’m still on track with my mission and vision for my blog. Let me share here with you some of my welcome words during that time:

“I am no guru nor expert. I am just like you, continuously learning the art of balancing this thing we call life which for me consists of motherhood, the world of traveling and my entrepreneurial dreams. But I am putting up this blog just the same in the hopes that my experiences and life stories can give inspiration to others out there who are having a hard time with life — those who wish to strike a balance between family and work, those who want to find information about travels and those who wish to explore the world of being self-employed. Hence the name of this blog MOMTRANEUR – for those wishing to be moms/travelers/entrepreneurs… Check me out everyday and I’ll have something new for you. (^_^) I am an introvert after all and the lack of real life personal interactions with other people, I compensate by writing down my thoughts. It’s almost like talking to a close friend actually. It’s cathartic…. Welcome and see you!”

Now that I am realizing that my posts are not just valuable for me, but for you too most especially, my dear readers, who are now growing in number, I’m thinking of coming up with something as a thank you for reading me and for following my social media accounts (you can find them on my sidebar). Soon!!!

For now, before we go (they’re already calling me!), let me say a BIG THANK YOU, for dropping by More blessings to come which I will share with you all!!! Have a wonderful day, everyone!



Live life to the fullest. For tomorrow may never come. – Shah Rukh Khan


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