Oh hi there! I know it’s been a while but I haven’t forgotten you. 😉 Work has just been so overwhelming (I just recently got another new client so yay for me!) but I don’t want to complain considering that we are on the 2nd year of this Covid-19 pandemic. Having multiple work, being able to pay the bills, and being able to buy stuff we need and want at this time is very much a blessing so I can’t complain. I must not complain! How about you? I hope you’re all still doing okay wherever you are. 

Me, I would just like to give myself a little more pat on the back than usual because I also take care of our home (a.k.a. chores); I take care of Tuz and his home school activities; I take care of Mahal and his needs… I’m a superwoman! Lol! The important thing is we are all still fine, healthy, and thriving. Just recently, a few of our neighbors have died from Covid so we are just really thankful that we are all still okay. Thank you, God! Of course I am worried all the time which adds to my energy getting depleted a lot faster than usual that I’d resort to watching Netflix (currently addicted to Grace and Frankie) to relax and chill after work is done instead of blogging, vlogging, and finishing all those online courses I bought (which was my original plan but all this anxiety is getting me bogged down). So today, I am ending my inertia (of blogging laziness) by updating my blog and hopefully getting started with Marie Forleo’s B-School (after I finish her book Everything is Figureoutable). Mondays and Tuesdays were supposed to be my blogging/vlogging days that got replaced by beach days. Yes, you can find us at Mahal’s sister’s private beach every Monday and Tuesday, swimming, snorkeling and picnicking (and soon paddle boarding once I decide to buy a paddle board online). Saturdays and Sundays have become our chore days (laundry, doing groceries, cooking big batches of dishes for the whole week, Mahal doing his hobbies like bonsai-making, and me planting herb seeds and taking care of our little herb garden if I’m not playing with my guitar or reading. I also plan to add painting to my weekend repertoire). Then Monday-Tuesday we’re off to the beach, then Wednesday-Friday is where I focus on finishing my work deadlines. It’s a simple but good life (for me at least coz being productive and busy with so many different things makes me worry less). I’ll blog about our Oslob life once I’m done getting you updated with our scuba diving adventure. 

So let’s dive in! 

In case you want to read and watch the first part, I’ve blogged and vlogged about Day 1 here:  CEBU SEAVIEW DIVE RESORT REVIEW: DAY 1 OF OUR SCUBA DIVING ADVENTURE IN PANAGSAMA BEACH, MOALBOAL

And now, here’s our Day 2…

We started our morning at Cebu Seaview with breakfast. They served us 2 Continental breakfasts which came with the package we got and which we took the time to enjoy…

Aside from my anxiety that day (worried that Mahal might not be able to survive being underwater, lol!), it was a pretty relaxing day of just lounging by the pool…

Mahal started with his lessons when the dive master arrived…

I looked after Tuz while Mahal was busy with his lessons. 

Tuz was really excited for him and even wanted to go scuba diving himself when he turns 10, he said. 

Moments later, Mahal went to the pool to apply what he’s learned. This went on for 30 minutes of scuba diving in the swimming pool. After that, we were patiently waiting for the boatmen to take us to the scuba diving site which took 2.5 hours of waiting time! I really got so anxious (and impatient) because we were also checking out that day! We didn’t want to pay any additional fees for checking out late! But since it wasn’t our fault that the boatmen were late, the resort manager allowed late checkout for us at no additional cost. Whew!

Finally, it was time to ride the speed boat that will bring us to the diving site. 

Mahal started getting ready and didn’t show any signs of anxiety at all. As for me, my heart was really bursting with both excitement and nervousness. The sea being particularly wavy that day didn’t help at all.

Before we knew it, he was already heading underwater. 

Watch our Day 2 vlog here: 

To follow next is Part 3 which I am drafting now and publishing tomorrow. Hoping to get back to my blogging groove. The videos and photos underwater were really fantastic! Thanks for reading and watching! Stay tuned! (^_^)


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