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Dengue Fever Suspicion This New Year, What To Do, and Other Updates


It’s a week into the new year and boy oh boy what a crazy schedule it has been!

I’m actually under the weather right now, not because I’ve not been taking care of myself. On the contrary, this time around, I’ve been sleeping 8-12 hours a day since the new year (except the other night when I only had 5 hours of sleep because Tuz won’t let me sleep…) It is because I am suspecting myself to have contracted Dengue because I caught a mosquito with black and white stripes as I was brushing my teeth last night! Prior to that, in the afternoon, I started feeling joint pains and aches. I thought it was because of the chicken I ate (I avoid chicken and other meat as much as I can but Mahal brought home some so I ate..  it has high uric acid content that’s why the doctor advised me before not eat meat anymore, tsk, tsk.) Then I had a mild fever. I thought that maybe I was just feeling sick because Tuz also has cough and colds and his temperature the other day was higher than usual (about 88-95 degrees Fahrenheit which is not considered fever yet but his skin was just a little bit hot to touch). I was just feeling so tired and achy all over so I tried to rest. But when I caught that black and white mosquito last night, my suspicion grew so we immediately decided to go to the hospital so I can have myself tested. That was 9:30 PM. We were supposed to come back after 3 hours but the moment I hit the bed after our little hospital trip, I felt so tired again that I woke up in the morning. I still couldn’t do my usual tasks except for a couple of social media posts and rested until this afternoon. I plan to get the blood test results this evening so as to avoid the crowd and I can head to the emergency doctor instead of lining up to go see one of the regular doctors in one of the clinics. At least I can rest some more at home and do some social media tasks for work, and yes, blog, lol.

I paid P2,178 to have the following lab tests last night:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Dengue Line
  • Dengue NS1 Antigen

The lab girl asked me if I want to get either the Dengue Line or the Dengue NS1 Antigen. I asked her what’s the difference? From what I remember, the Dengue Line can only be detected if you already have Dengue for about a week. The Dengue NS1 Antigen test can help detect Dengue even after just 1-2 days of getting bitten. So I said I will just have both to be sure. It was a very quick extraction. If I am positive for Dengue, then I would have to have Tuz tested too. He doesn’t have any fever, he’s still hyperactive, but he does sleep in the afternoon now, and he has coughs and colds. But isn’t that what kids do when they’re a little bit under the weather too? I wanted to have him tested last night but Tuz was already crying and saying “No, no, no I don’t want injection…” so Mahal said to just wait until I get my results. He also doesn’t want to spend another P2,178 when there are no clear signs yet of Tuz being bitten by that Dengue mosquito. Hmmm… Tuz’s sleeping habits in the afternoon could just be because of his cough and colds and the medicine he’s taking. I was feeling too achy and tired last night to debate about it with Mahal so I just let it go. If I’m positive for Dengue, then we’ll just go back to the hospital again to have Tuz tested for it.

But anyway, I am not saddened by these things as I believe Dengue is easily managed as long as caught early, right? I just need to rest, drink lots of liquid, take acetaminophen, and let my body fight off the virus. Aside from my usual power vitamins, I added Berocca into the mix for additional immunity protection. Plus, Mahal picked some Papaya leaves outside, cleaned them, pounded them and extracted the papaya leaves juice which I drank before I slept again this morning til afternoon. Mahal had Dengue before and the papaya leaves juice cured him. Papaya leaves juice have the nutrients and minerals needed to help increase blood platelet count. Oh and broccoli juice too which I asked Mahal to buy. It has same properties as papaya leaves but I guess Papaya leaves are more potent because they’re not processed. Mahal also cleaned some stuff outside where the mosquitoes could be hiding. It’s just a bummer that I can’t operate on my usual 1000% level. Lol!

I have so many things on my plate which I want to share with you! Let me jot them down here so I know what to blog about next time:

  1. Part 2 of my experience at TechStars Bukidnon Startup Weekend. Our next BuQid meeting is coming up this Sunday with the CEO of Streetby to mentor us on what to do next so I’m really praying that what I have now is just a viral flu that will soon go away.
  2. I believe I still owe you the next part of our Summer Boracay Trip
  3. Christmas Celebration
  4. New Year’s Celebration
  5. Tuscany Highlands Milestones and Updates
  6. A Look Back to 2019 Gratitude Post
  7. Momtraneur Online Services Updates
  8. BlueBeeOne Update
  9. Happy Kiddie Toothpaste Update
  10. All the other travel posts that I haven’t published yet

There are so many more but let me just start off with these ten topics first.

Anyway, let me leave you with these thoughts I posted on my Facebook Page this new year before I get ready to visit the hospital again this evening:


subdued look

We are all energy. We are all vibrating at certain frequencies. Depending on the levels we vibrate, we attract similar things, people, circumstances. It’s how The Law of Attraction works. It takes discipline and practice to always vibrate at high levels and let go of our automatic negative thoughts and emotions but we can always keep trying and keep practicing. It’s hard but it’s doable. It helps to listen to binaural beats and music that will help align our energies and vibrations to the higher vibrations of the universe. It also helps to always be thankful. When you pray, don’t ask God for things because that denotes lack, and the more you will have lack in your life. Instead, give thanks. Say thank you for the things you already have and the things that are still coming. This will bring you feelings of abundance and you will be more abundant.

Yesterday, at home, we started listening again to binaural beats and music of abundance. You can download these from Youtube (look for 432Hz + 528hz + 639Hz miracle tones and attract money and abundance music). In our heads ni Mahal, as we were working (him on Mushroom Polvoron orders and me on online tasks), we were feeling gratitude and saying thank you to God for all the blessings we have in our life. And lo and behold, yesterday morning, even before I published my ads for our company, money already got deposited to our bank accounts. People were already signing up for our training. People were already ordering mushroom fruiting bags that we never even put up for sale yet. And as dada and I talked about it now as he’s about to sleep, we recognized that it was the law of the universe working in our lives. If we can harness this power day in and day out, we can all be abundant, not just this year, but the rest of our lives.



Dati na namang nagyayari ito pero mas nakikita at nararamdaman ko sha ngayon, maybe because I practice more gratitude these days…

So towards the end of last year, we released big amounts of cash (I guess we all did because of the holiday season). But I wasn’t worried, or I did my best not to worry like I used to. I practiced feeling the emotions of abundance and that it will all come back to us ten-fold, or even a hundred-fold (positive thinking lang tayo!) basta wag lang kami mag-alala.

So after new year, we went home to a fridge and pantry overflowing with food and groceries (pinuno namin talaga before kami nag hotel check-in prior to new year) so ang saya ng feeling.. pag uwing-pag-uwi namin, feeling abundant na agad! Then I slept for 12 hours. Ang sarap! Nag eexercise na kami ni Tuz early in the morning and we eat good food (salamat sa Musiga, Palami, at Mushroom Polvoron lalong sumasarap mga ordinaryong pagkain sa hapagkainan namin). May dagsa din ng orders (salamat!) kaya kayod agad si Mahal sa paggawa ng mga products. THANK YOU, GOD! 🙏🙏🙏

And then today, sabay-sabay dumating lahat ng pera — from my tenants’ house rental in Alabang, payments from my American clients, payments for local orders, payments for mushroom training, daily revenue from fresh mushrooms… Ang saya!

And just by listening to Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Personal Achievement (6+hours audio sha that you can download from Youtube), I was able to conceptualize another revenue stream for our business.

We are all magnets. Depende na lang sa vibration na ine-emit natin, yun din ang ma-aattract natin. What you focus on expands. It all begins with our emotions and thoughts. So kapag may hindi ka maganda na narararamdaman or naiisip or ginagawa, stop yourself agad! Change the channel of your thoughts! And try as best you can to start each day with a prayer of gratitude and it will all start positively snowballing from there. I hope my kwento helps you out a bit in your journey towards abundance and prosperity this new year. God bless us all!!!

With that, let me still thank you, God, because we have the resources to go pay for expensive, unplanned, emergency lab tests without worrying about money and that I have it in my powers to fight off this flu whatever this is.

Til my next blog post!


7 thoughts on “Dengue Fever Suspicion This New Year, What To Do, and Other Updates

  1. Nicasio Martinez says:

    You are right – papaya leaf extract rapid cure (PLXRC) was brought to the attention of the British Medical Journal in 2008 and followed up in 2012 as I recall. BMJ now publishes the preparation for PLXRC on their official site. If people of influence and political power would get behind this truth, 2020 could be the year we end epidemics and individual suffering/deaths. Also, nano-silver solution 10ppm, like papaya leaves is the cure for these DLKV (Designer Lab Killer Viruses) that keep making their debut outside of labs. Glad to see you posting of the papaya leaves.


  2. nmartinez1938 says:

    Yes – papaya leaf extract was twice brought to the attention of the British Medical Journal by Dr. Sanath Hettige. BMJ on their website now publishes the preparation for making PLX, and it is noted as being a rapid cure. If this 2020 we could get the support of person of influence in healthcare and political, DF epidemics and personal sufferings/deaths could finally come to and end. It is not a difficult disease to manage.


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