Musiga (Mushroom Sili Garlic Paste) by Tuscany Highlands – Participating at CDO’s La Fiesta Grande Bazaar in Ayala Centrio

Since we got back from our very long road trip, it’s just been work, work, work! Aside from taking care of all my client tasks, Mahal and I have also been busy getting ready for this weekend’s bazaar in Cagayan de Oro — La Fiesta Grande Bazaar to be held at Ayala Centrio Mall in the downtown area. The bazaar will be from August 23, Friday, until August 25, Sunday.



We’ve joined a bazaar before when we first launched our Mushroom Chili Paste and just focused on online selling and consignments after that (see post here:

We received 100% positive reviews from our customers in terms of the taste, but a few suggested that maybe we can improve on our label. Our very first label looked like this:

Mushroom Chili Paste

So around December 2018, we released a new look for our label:

Tuscany Highlands Mushroom Chili Paste

This was the second label we did for our mushroom chili paste.

Since we are not really professionals at digital logo designing, and even before Mahal took the DTI business course which I shared with you before (DTI Go Negosyo Free Business Course: How to Join the Enhanced Business Learning Sessions), he was already thinking of rebranding. I had my reservations about it because if we keep changing the look of our product, our existing market might get confused. But after much deliberation, and the high price it’s costing us to print our own sticker labels, that’s when we decided to finally hire professional designers and rebrand for good. That’s when the idea for MUSIGA was born.

MUSIGA is an integration of three things —

    1. The Visayan vernacular for “to spark”, “to ignite”, pertaining to sparking embers, alluding fire or something hot which is perfect for our Mushroom Sili Garlic Paste because it is a spicy product of varying degrees, hence the 6 varieties;
    2. The word is Visayan, the widely-used dialect here in Misamis Oriental to show the fact that it is proudly Mindanao-made;
    3. The abbreviation of its main ingredients which are MUshroom, SIli (chili peppers), and GArlic.

How perfect, right? We then started shopping for a graphic designs company to help make our brand and logo vision come to life.


What do you think? Don’t the colorful banderitas tell you that it’s from Mindanao? We love it!  Thank you, Digital Ink Designs, for helping us come up with our Musiga labels and Tuscany Highlands logo. Below is just one variation of our farm logo which we are using now for our farm’s social media profiles.

Tuscany Highlands Logo


So now that we have rebranded, we feel that we need to be seen out there once again and we should join as many bazaars as we possibly can to let our market know that the best Mushroom Chili Paste is here to stay which we are now rebranding as  MUSIGA, short for Mushroom, Sili, Garlic paste.


We have retained the same scrumptious taste for each variety but instead of using our old label which we did ourselves, we hired Digital Ink Designs to create a more professional-looking logo for us.

Our 4 available varieties at the bazaar are:


Musiga Original


Musiga Extra Spicy



And very soon, we are also releasing two more varieties which you can now pre-order:






We only use the best ingredients for our products. The mushrooms, we grow ourselves at our own mushroom farm , Tuscany Highlands.

Below are the health benefits of Musiga’s main ingredients:

Mushrooms – Anti-cancer, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, boosts the immune system, relieves constipation, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial

Chili – fights inflammation, gives natural pain relief, reduces blood cholesterol, clears congestion, boosts immunity, helps lose weight

Garlic – boosts immunity, good for the heart, reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, lowers the risk of heart disease, antioxidant, helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, may help you live longer

With all these health benefits, plus its delicious taste, who wouldn’t want to eat Musiga every day, right? You can use it as a paste, a sauce, a garnish, a spread… use it any way you like, it’s just perfect for any dish! But don’t take my word for it. You have to try it yourself.



A 100-gram bottle of Musiga is only P125.00. If you get two bottles, you get them for a discounted price of P240.00.

A 200-gram bottle of Musiga is P225.00. If you get two bottles, it’s only P440.00.

Musiga Extra Spicy 200gms

This is a sample of a 200-gram bottle.



We are super excited to finally focus on our mushroom products starting with Musiga!

As I’ve mentioned before, Mahal has already finished a 3-month business course with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)  which prepared and equipped him with the necessary knowledge to finally go full blast with our food processing business starting with our Mushroom Chili Paste, now MUSIGA (Mushroom Sili Garlic) Paste. We can’t wait for everyone who hasn’t tried it yet to finally get a bottle and taste it because it really is the best-tasting mushroom chili paste there is! Trust me, we have tasted a lot of similar products on the market. Just read the feedback we got from our customers before: Tuscany Highlands Organic Farm Mushroom Chili Paste Customer Reviews 

More customer reviews on our Facebook Farm Page:

Again, it’s the same scrumptious, yummylicious taste. It’s just the label, logo and branding that changed.

Musiga - Original



If you’re in Cagayan de Oro, do visit us from Aug. 23-25 at Ayala Centrio’s La Fiesta Grande Bazaar!

La Fiesta Grande Bazaar

La Fiesta Grande Bazaar

We also ship nationwide so please contact us for orders or inquiries at any of the following:

You may text, call, DM or comment and we’ll respond to your messages and inquiries ASAP. Can’t wait for you to try it!




“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” –  Ruth Reichl


See you tomorrow!


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