Lessons I Learned from Doing a 30-Day Challenge

Wow, I’m now on the 30th day of my very own self-imposed 30-day blog post challenge which also propelled me to restart doing other things I love and one of them is, obviously, blogging —Blogging about anything and everything that I feel like sharing to the world!

It all started with this post, HOW TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE EACH DAY, because it was already May and I felt that I haven’t yet done the things that I told myself I will do. I don’t want 2018 to pass me by and just resign to the fact that once again my New Year’s resolutions were just that — resolutions that never came to fruition.

So I look back at the past 29 days and I feel proud about the lessons I learned so far:


Lesson 1: doing something i said i would do for 30 days made me feel so much more excited about life!

Challenging myself to blog each day gave me an additional thing to look forward to each day. It’s like having that prized dessert after eating a scrumptious meal. Thinking about what to write next made my heart race as if I’m going out on a first date!


Lesson 2: IT made me feel more industrious and more accomplished.

It’s like inertia. Once I started consistently doing one thing I love, I was able to do other things I love as well. I read more, I exercised more, I started planting, I let go of mundane activities that eat up a lot of my time, I just became more mindful and choosy with what I want to do with my time and I really do them! If before I just think about farm-related activities, now I do them almost every day. Gone are the days when every day is just a routine I try to finish. Like I said on my very first day of this 30-day blog post challenge, “I make my own little list and try to check off each item on my list as I finish doing them and they’re basically the same things day in and day out whether we’re traveling or not — take care of Tuz, do chores, work, spend time with Mahal, eat, watch TV, do social media, sleep, repeat! …I keep putting off what I really want and love to do thinking that there will be more time next time but the truth is — THERE REALLY ISN’T MORE TIME NEXT TIME! My everyday life is a routine of doing same things over and over that if I want to pursue the things I love, I just simply have to make the time, even if it’s just 30 minutes a day! Make the time!”  

Well, lo and behold. I just don’t allot 30 minutes for it, but a healthy life at the farm has already become my way of life  – I exercise, I walk, I eat fresh fruits and vegetables, I keep seeds of fruits I eat for rooting and planting; I harvest herbs and take the cuttings for rooting; I plant seeds; I replant cuttings, I plant those vegetable scraps I just used to throw in the trash before; I keep organic waste for fertilizer use; I recycle used bottles and other non-biodegradable wastes; etc. And I’ve stopped wasting my time on social media and TV reruns. When I go to social media, I go with a purpose and goal to accomplish. When I watch stuff, I do so if it’s in alignment with my day’s goals (like I need to watch Youtube videos about growing herbs and vegetables). It’s just amazing!


Lesson 3: IT made me resourceful and creative

My energy per day is finite. If I spend more time and energy taking care of Tuz, doing online work or doing farm stuff, naturally, I won’t have enough quality energy left for blogging from scratch. So I got creative. Since I’ve been planning to transfer here my old evergreen posts from my old blogs anyway, now I really had a reason to. I didn’t want to miss a day of blogging so even if my internet signal was bad and it’s just an edited draft post of an old evergreen content I was able to make, at least I know I blogged, even if it was still unpublished until such time that I get a good internet signal and I get to publish my posts. And because they’re evergreen stuff, I loved how reading, editing, and updating them made me remember and relearn all those helpful lessons I learned before.


Lesson 4: IT made me feel more empowered

Looking back at the past 29 days, I can’t believe I was able to accomplish the following in terms of blogging:

  1. 2 travel posts
  2. 6 vegetable growing posts
  3. 9 self-help posts (this is the 10th)
  4. 4 motherhood and farm life posts
  5. 3 health posts
  6. 3 biz posts
  7. 2 book posts

It made me realize that when I put my mind to doing something, it can really be done, no matter how challenging it is. Our subconscious will always find a way for us to make our wish a reality as long as we put our focus to it. And because I was able to do this 30-day blog challenge, I feel stronger and more confident now about having control over my life and not just letting my days pass me by as if I’ve no control over it.



If there is something that you want to do that you have been putting off for so long, now is the time to take control. Do a 30-day challenge of it and I promise you, at the end of it, you will come out better, empowered, more confident and in control.

As for me, since I’ve been able to do this, I am now more confident that I can do more of the things I’ve been wanting to do (like make an ebook, apply the online courses I took before, do my masters, vlog, etc.) Doing so may give me less time to write here because as I’ve said, my energy and time are finite but through my resourcefulness and creativity, perhaps, I will continue to find a way.


If you’re doing a 30-day challenge, good luck and keep at it!

I’ll be back after a week as I streamline more the activities I do online, as a mom, and at the farm.

Til my next post! ^_^


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